• Rainer Francisi, chairman
  • Matthias Kraft, board member
  • Dr. Ottmar Gast, chairman of the supervisory board
  • Franz Honner, deputy chairman of the supervisory board
  • Headquarters in Weinstadt


All facts at a glance


Founded in 1991
Chairman: Rainer Francisi
Board: Matthias Kraft
Chairman of the supervisory board: Dr. Ottmar Gast
Deputy chairman of the supervisory board: Franz Honner
Sales volume: EUR 50,9 million
500 employees

audius Group


Business units


audius offers software solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for service, maintenance and facility management. Especially for engine builder and plant manufacturer audius creates innovative end-to-end solutions in the context of Industry 4.0 / IoT.

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The mobile enterprise application platform "dashface" allows you to bring existing business processes from different backends and upstreaming systems to mobile devices.

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Security & Audit Services:

The experienced IT security consultants support you by integrating your IT security processes in controlled operation, by introducing efficient IT security measures and by implementing the topic of data protection professionally and in compliance with the law to your company!

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audius assists you in the long-term and comprehensive planning of your IT project. The experts can assemble concepts specific to your needs in terms of IT infrastructure, operations and network planning as well as in data administration.

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Managed Services:

audius develops an IT service management concept that covers all of your particular requirements. The service portfolio ranges from 1st or 2nd level support, security services through to assuming complete responsibility for your IT operations.

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Physical Risk Management:

audius gives you comprehensive end-to-end support – from the auditing of your company infrastructure through traditional risk and incident management. This ensures that your risk and control-related losses are continuously managed and improved. 

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Locations audius

Weinstadt, Germany

Stuttgart-Wangen, Germany

Stuttgart-Weilimdorf, Germany

Reutlingen, Germany

Paderborn, Germany

Ingolstadt, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

Budapest, Ungarn

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Locations IT Competence Group SE

ITCG AG - Ludwigsburg, Germany

ITCG AG - Mainz, Germany

ITCG AG - Cologne/Hürth, Germany

ITCG AG - Karlsruhe, Germany

ITCG AG - Bielefeld, Germany

proMX AG - Nuremberg, Germany

Sinnwell AG / Desksite GmbH - Munich, Germany

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Project locations worldwide


Both the business unit "Software" and the business unit "IT services" with the associated back-office functions are ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Gütesiegel Top 100:
2 times in a row audius was awarded as one of the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany - even once the company made it into the top 5 score

Fujitsu supplier of the year award „Customer Focus“:

Award for the best solution on the part of customers, purchasers and suppliers

Best of „initiative mittelstand":

Our mobile solution "dashface" was awarded by the IT innovation prize in the Apps category

Top employer in middle class:

audius has been awarded as one of the "top employers in middle class"

The philosophy

Technological expertise, established practical experience and intense discussions with our customers are the basis of tailor-made solutions for optimizing business processes.

We rely continuously on state-of-the-art technologies and best practices. Act and react in direct personal contact with our customer - possible at any time due to our lean organizational structures and efficient decision-making processes.

We rely on the highest quality standards throughout the entire company. Before an audius solution is implemented at the customer's, it passes through strict testing procedures, field tests and additional checks.

In doing so our customers receive 100% reliable products and applications. Of course, our commitment to maximum quality is certified and has already been awarded multiple times.

Job Board

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The history of audius

audius is something special in this industry: As one of the leading medium-sized IT and software companies in Germany, audius has always been owner-managed.

Join the little tour from the beginnings of audius to the present day. That this journey is not coming to an end goes without saying. Even in the upcoming years audius will grow rapidly - together with the customers and employees.


audius AG acquires a majority stake in IT Competence Group SE in Ludwigsburg. The long-standing major shareholder Navigator Equity Solutions SE has sold a 51% share in IT Competence Group SE.

In July 2019, the subsidiary "audius India Private Limited" was founded in Pune, India.


audius AG is further increasing its market share by acquiring Enteco GmbH’s business operations. The company now employs a staff of almost 300.


Expansion of the audius group by incorporating the ROTON IT-Service GmbH and ROTON Unternehmensberatung GmbH. The ROTON Group supplements the audius' range of services by its business units in a perfect way. Thereby ROTON contributes significantly to the further expansion of the audius Group.

Continuity in terms of customers and staff is the crucial factor of audius' business strategy. Hence ROTON remains as an independent company under its current name.


Set-up of a national and international partner program in the area of Business Software. audius continues on its road to success after years of continuous growth; the company now employs a staff of more than 250.


Expansion to Hungary: Founding of "audius IT-Service Kft." in Budapest. Launch of the first release of – software for taxes and duties for municipal administrations. New product development in the unit "Business Software": The "dashface" mobility platform is delivered to its first customers.


The newly developed "" software product is delivered to the first municipalities. The internal professional development program, "UpSkill", is launched. This program offers new occupational in-house seminars every year to all employees.


Acquisition of the company "Kompayment". This expands audius Group's field of activities to include government authorities. Over the course of the year, the IT service business unit is realigned to better meet current market needs and adapt to growth.


Move to the current corporate headquarters in Weinstadt, Germany. Two weeks after Microsoft officially releases .NET, the audius software is delivered to the first customers.


Hence the entire audius product family is developed using the .NET framework.


The company changes its name again in the current "audius GmbH". The number of employees reaches about 60. The same year, Prime Minister Erwin Teufel visits the audius booth at the opening of the CeBIT trade show.


Franz Honner becomes the Managing Director of "VCA Softwareentwicklung GmbH" alongside Rainer Francisi. Thereby the field of activity was extended by the business unit IT services.


The company changes its name to "VCA Softwareentwicklungs GmbH" with an accompanying expansion to its facilities. The "audius" software is delivered to its first customers in a Windows-based format.


First certification as a Microsoft Solution Provider; to date audius is a "Microsoft Solution Provider Gold"


Implementation of our first customer projects with our "audius" software developed under MS-DOS. The name was taken from the field of application: Customer service support systems, called "Außendienstunterstützungssystem" in German.


Founded as "Komma Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH" by Rainer Francisi, Peter Schiek, Udo Schäfer and Bernd Krautter in Schwaikheim, Germany. Business focus: Sales and distribution of office and telecommunications equipment, software development and sales, hardware sales, system planning and training