Better availability and reliable operation of applications
Individual service levels
tailored to business requirements!
Flexible setup of various services
based on analyses
Optimized service quality at low cost
Separate assignment of various services
Complete transparency of costs
Monthly billing or flat fee
Frees up your IT experts to focus on core tasks
By outsourcing of the service management


Greater reliability
thanks to continuous performance

Today, many business processes within companies would simply be unthinkable without applications. However, these IT tools have to be constantly up and running to prevent disruptions in day-to-day business.

Safeguard processes
with audius Managed Services Application

With the aid of audius Managed Services for Application, application failures can be detected and prevented in advance, guaranteeing smooth, continuous operation at all times. 

Managed Services include the following: implementation of configuration changes, regular updates of new functions, continuous error and performance monitoring of the GRC environment, and generation of change, error, and availability reports. 

The comprehensive service of audius Managed Services for Application helps to ensure holistic processes in the company at all times.

The audius services in Application Management

Business Support

  • Remote service desk – 1st level support with defined service hours 
  • User administration within the application 
  • Business entity customization 
  • Customer-specific uploads 
  • Mass changes/uploads via Fast Map 
  • PCMB (library) upload via PCMB Helper 
  • Link customization 
  • User inventory 

Application Management

  • Management and administration of DB and application servers 
  • 1st and 2nd level incident, request, and problem management 
  • Implementation of new environments 
  • Patch management / service requests 
  • Importing of corrections and upgrades 
  • Roll-out of new builds and changes to the production environment 
  • Proactive platform monitoring 
  • Release changes
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