Service Level Management with individual service levels
ITIL based support
Unlimited number of components supported
Secure, streamlined infrastructure
Hosting of the server environment
Full transparency of Amazon Web Service costs
Calculation according to use
Greater productivity and transparency


Flexible expansion
of data center and IT infrastructure

The secret to a future-proof cloud environment is to use agile services and constantly adapt to the latest technological requirements.

Up to date
with audius Managed Services for Amazon Web Services

audius Managed Services for Amazon Web Services give you the flexibility to ramp up the performance of your company’s data center and IT infrastructure and take advantage of new opportunities at any time.

Managed Services include the following: implementation of configuration changes, regular updates of new functions, continuous error and performance monitoring of the AWS environment, and generation of cost, error, and availability reports.

In addition, managed services can be expanded at any time; if you want to use different platforms for example. audius Managed Services for Amazon Web Services help ensure holistic processes in the company at all times.

audius services in Managed Cloud Service


  • EC2/EC2 container
  • Windows/Linux VM
  • Elastic Beanstalk


  • S3 simple storage service
  • Glazier
  • EBS – Elastic Block Store & File System
  • AWS backup/storage gateway


  • VPN Gateway
  • Elastic load balancer
  • Virtual private cloud

Middleware & Applications

  • RDS (including MS-SQL, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB etc.)
  • Amazon Polly, Lex & Transcribe
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