Increased security
for your IT infrastructure
Greater user satisfaction
Standardization and simplification
of IT operations
Reliable client management
Securing business processes
Full cost transparency
monthly billing or flat fee
Concentration of your IT experts on core tasks
by outsourcing your service management
at every IT-based workplace

As IT applications become increasingly complex and mobile, the management requirements also increase. Only with comprehensive, holistic support the entire process can be monitored, optimized, and controlled.

All applications with audius Managed Services for Workplace
at a glance

audius Managed Services for Workplace manage and support all applications within the IT workplace. Managed Services include the following: software distribution and license management, imaging, anti-virus control, and hard drive encryption, incident and request processing for end users or data centers, 1st and 2nd level support for infrastructures, guideline development and management, license monitoring, and malware immunization. 

audius Managed Services for Workplace offer comprehensive support that improves the reliability and security of day-to-day operations across the whole company.

The audius services for an efficient workplace


  • Technology selection 
  • Design & build server infrastructure 
  • Change/release management 
  • Lifecycle management for workplaces 
  • License management 
  • Roll-out on client infrastructure 


  • Loading and SW distribution 
  • Management of client guidelines 
  • Operation of software distribution 
  • Packaging including imaging 
  • AV solution operation / management 
  • Management of encryption technology 

Care & Culture

  • Knowledge management 
  • Downtime minimization 
  • Up-to-dateness minimizes threat risk 

Service Management

  • Reporting of defined SLAs 
  • Service hours according to requirements 
  • Provision of services in accordance with ITIL 
We have been offering comprehensive services as a qualified partner to big companies for many years
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