Benefits of Physical Risk Management
Reduction of business risks
Adherence to compliance requirements
Transparency of costs
Big data analyses
Continuous improvement of operational security
Efficiency optimization in the company
What is Physical Risk Management?

Physical Risk Management is a service developed by audius: an offer with which you as the responsible person within a company can benefit from our expertise in various areas.

The holistic evaluation of all information and the subsequent analyses ensure that risks and control losses are continuously managed and improved during all processes. Within the framework of service management, the associated measures are directly integrated into day-to-day operations.

With the use of modern technologies, adjustments made can be evaluated and compared with each other in order to contribute to ad hoc optimisation.

The components of Physical Risk Management

Risk Management includes all measures for the analysis, evaluation, and monitoring of risks.

Service Management ensures the constant availability and evaluability of standard metrics for your property. This is achieved through central incident and task recording, standard service processes and standard documentation.

Targeted big data analyses help deliver effective figures and reporting.

Security Management is the first step towards taking control and is an important element in production environments in particular.

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The concept

audius can reduce your risk exposure! audius provides you with your own action plan containing all important information, such as a drafted risk assessment, security tests, and audits. The first step is a complete structural analysis.

Risk and process assessments highlight the existing risks at your company. The results from this are used as the basis for determining the next steps. At this point, you also decide which additional services beyond the analysis you would like to use.

The aim is to identify and analyze key risk factors. Through the use of systematic risk reduction measures, audius optimizes your business processes.

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