Ensuring the safety of employees' actions
Standardized underlying data for business analytics
Continuous improvement process in operational safety
Standardized and therefore more efficient management of service providers
Central knowledge management and process documentation
Lower business risks and increased productivity


Incident Management
with central service desk

Efficient facilities management or technical services are a key requirement for successful production and the reduction of costly business risks. A standardized incident management service with a central service desk creates transparency for technical support and contributes to cost optimization. It helps employees act with confidence, improves service quality, and increases customer satisfaction.

audius Expertise

We have been offering service center solutions as a qualified partner for our customers in various sectors for many years. Reference customers include services for corporate customers in the automotive sector, including facility management and factory service for example.

Increase efficiency and productivity
with audius Service Center Solutions

The audius Service Center Solutions represent a comprehensive service for facilities management and technical service. The central service desk records faults, orders, and enquiries, processes them in the ticket system and transfers them to the internal or external service provider. Access to a central knowledge management system enables optimal processing and transparent processes. Standard underlying data bring diverse continuous improvements and efficiency gains, and free up additional resources. Process specifications improve business continuity management (BCM), increasing operational security. Incidents are classified according to risk, mitigating the effects of the damage. Standard key figures give shop floor reports greater significance and comparability. Standard KPIs improve the efficiency in the control of various external service providers and simplify tender management. End-to-end compliance is easier to guarantee, with benefits such as reduced liability and increased insurability. The project organization is based on the ITIL process model, independent of platform, organizational form, or tool basis.

The audius services in facility management and technical services


  • Central incident handling, categorization and prioritization of orders and faults
  • Transparent control mechanisms, standard processes
  • Sound business intelligence thanks to central ‘big data’ database
  • Efficient control of service providers thanks to standardized KPIs
  • Greater quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction
  • Improved compliance 


  • Central ticketing system with knowledge base
  • Neutral IT DNA
  • Tool independence: “The tool always follows the process”

Care & Culture

  • Facility management, factory service, switchboard, etc.
  • Best possible customer solution thanks to an integration of all competencies

Service Management

  • 24/7 service
  • Project planning according to ITIL process model
  • Made in Germany: regional service, short communication paths


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