• audius.CRM Mobile Sales: The Customer Management System of the Future


audius.CRM Mobile Sales: The Customer Management System of the Future

Are you looking for a customer management system that will help your sales employees become more productive, more efficient and ultimately sell more? A system that will enable you to focus on the essentials and inspire your people every step of the way? Then have a look at audius.CRM Mobile Sales, which provides you with all of the sales functions you need in an intuitive, comprehensive solution. 

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, audius.CRM Mobile Sales seamlessly integrates your sales, marketing, and social media departments. It also provides your sales employees with the right information and tools for concentrating on their priorities at all times, which will help them work more effectively and build trust with customers. 

Take advantage of a sales solution based on a leading platform in combination with the expertise audius has honed in guiding, digitalizing, and optimizing sales and marketing processes for more than 20 years.

Key benefits

Learn more about why audius.CRM Mobile Sales is the perfect sales solution for you.

An end-to-end digital process

Say goodbye to media disconnect and duplicate work

  • Automatic data sync to/from your ERP system
  • Electronic processing and forwarding of all relevant information
  • Availability of entered data in-house and as well on the mobile clients
  • Consistent digital process chain from your ERP system to your office-based employees, field personnel, and back again
How you benefit:
  • Reduced throughput time and faster communication
  • Maximum process security
  • Fewer errors, less duplicate work

A 360° view of the customer

All the information you need, when and where you need it

  • Comprehensive customer data, including every partner and contact
  • Leads, sales opportunities, visit reports, sales quotes, and orders, along with corresponding documentation
  • Access to sales and marketing documents
  • All information available to back-office and field employees based on their respective authorizations
How you benefit:
  • Less time required for preparation and follow-up work
  • Improved customer meetings thanks to greater transparency

Improve sales

Professional assistance in all sales areas, from sales planning to order management

  • Optimal employee support in every department, including lead management, sales opportunity tracking, sales quote management, and order documentation
  • Every sales employee can access transparent views of planning, management, and results based on sales areas or revenue targets
How you benefit:
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Faster processing
  • Lower costs thanks to greater transparency and reduced preparation time
  • A constantly available (and expanding) company knowledge base

Efficient marketing

Conduct successful marketing campaigns based on fully integrated customer information

  • Address your target markets with pinpoint messaging using selection tools and predefined criteria
  • Assess your marketing campaigns based on response rates and acquired sales opportunities
How you benefit:
  • Reduced spreading loss
  • Optimal cost/benefit controlling for marketing campaigns
  • Increased percentage of successful marketing campaigns

Mobile client for sales reps

All key customer information at your employees' fingertips, no matter where they are

  • audius.CRM Mobile Sales is OS-agnostic and offers bring-your-own-device support
  • Access any relevant customer information within a single application
  • Processed information available both on- and offline when on-site with customers
  • Results (including processing and transfers) entered into digital visit reports
How you benefit:
  • Optimal process support
  • Modern equipment helps sales reps save time
  • More time to focus on the tasks at hand
  • Customers appreciate professional working methods

Intelligent reports

Recognize trends and review the quality of your sales and marketing efforts

  • Comprehensive, centralized data makes both standardized and custom reports possible
  • Countless controlling options, from weekly ticket statistics to support for dynamic pivot tables in Microsoft Excel
How you benefit:
  • With audius.CRM Mobile Sales, you can stop merely reacting and start getting proactive by recognizing trends early on and reflecting on the quality of your customer visits
  • Continuous improvements in your marketing campaigns

Microsoft integration

Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft's product ecosystem

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM and audius's 20-plus years of experience – a strong combination
  • audius.CRM Mobile Sales dovetails with a set of Microsoft applications, from Office to SharePoint
  • Integration of Skype for Business and Yammer open up new possibilities in team selling and incorporating partners, customers, and other interested parties
  • Easily incorporates new Microsoft services
  • Resulting solution works like a single unified product
How you benefit:
  • Preserving your established workflows increases user acceptance
  • A standard interface concept saves you time and money in bringing new employees / team members on board

Deployment / architecture

Adapts easily to your requirements and guidelines

  • audius.CRM Mobile Sales is available in cloud, on-premise, and hybrid architectures
  • Run your own applications in a hosted or flexible SaaS environment
  • Switch architectures anytime (today on-premise, tomorrow in the cloud)
  • audius.CRM Mobile Sales integrates into your current IT infrastructure in no time
How you benefit:
  • More time to concentrate on your core business
  • Investment with a focus on usability
  • audius.CRM Mobile Sales is extremely flexible, allowing for adaptation to changing demands


Compatible with every industry, any number of users

  • audius’ expertise in shaping sales processes ensures optimal alignment with your business requirements
  • audius focuses on mechanical and plant engineering, professional services, and automotive
How you benefit:
  • Take advantage of expertise gathered from numerous projects in a wide range of industries
  • Enter new areas of business without changing your sales solution provider


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