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audius.CRM Mobile Service: The Field Service Management Solution of Tomorrow

Are you looking for the best way to achieve efficient service management and smooth service handling? Then have a look at audius.CRM Mobile Service. It's the perfect software solution for your technical field service!   

With audius.CRM Mobile Service powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, audius offers integrated service management that includes effective, visually supported employee scheduling/dispatching and mobile data entry for your technicians. 

audius.CRM Mobile Service ensures consistent processes and optimal use of all resources within your service organization and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT landscape and ERP systems!

Benefit from the perfect service management software based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 in combination with more than 27 years of experience in field service management. This is a perfect mix to optimize resource planning and support the field service.

Implement the entire solution, incorporate specific functions into your current system landscape, base your operations in the cloud or on your own IT infrastructure – the choice is yours.

Key benefits for your service management

Learn more about why the service management software audius.CRM Mobile Service powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 is exactly the right solution for supporting your technical field service.

An end-to-end digital process

Optimal resource planning without media disruptions and duplication of work

  • Automatic and bi-directional data transfer from your ERP system
  • Electronic processing and forwarding of all relevant information
  • Availability of entered data inhouse and as well on the mobile clients
  • Consistent digital process chain from your ERP system to your office-based employees, planning department, field technicians, and back again
How you benefit:
  • Optimized cash flow thanks to reduced throughput time and faster invoicing
  • Maximum process reliability
  • Fewer errors, less duplicate work
  • Increase in productivity
  • Efficient use of all resources
  • Reliable field service support

A 360° view of the customer

All the information you need, when and where you need it

  • Comprehensive customer data, including every partner and contact
  • Full equipment documentation
  • Installation histories and current activities (tickets, orders, etc.)
  • Service contracts, including maintenance plans and SLAs
  • All information available to back-office and field employees based on their respective authorizations
How you benefit:
  • Less time required for preparation and follow-up work
  • Support of all departments involved in the process
  • Improved customer meetings thanks to greater transparency

Ticket and escalation management

Intelligent processing of inquiries and hotline integration

  • KPIs and integrated SLAs provide optimal employee support for each service case
  • An set of contact options for customers (web, e-mail, social media, phone)
  • Comprehensive, timely customer support from representatives equipped with the necessary information and expertise
How you benefit:
  • Faster processing times based on tailored provision of information
  • Reliable control of resource planning
  • Employees will be more likely to complete tickets on the first attempt, thus decreasing costs
  • More productivity through more detailed information
  • Increased customer satisfaction thanks to better support, faster fix times
  • A constantly available (and expanding) company knowledge base

Optimal staff and resource planning

Comprehensive overview of reports, orders, employees, and resources

  • Whether you need multiple technicians for one customer or one technician for multiple customers, assign the right people to the right locations at the right times
  • Various options for planners (manual, system-supported, or fully automated processes)
  • Factor in scheduled appointments, vacations and other absences, skills, and customer preferences
  • Dynamic geographic view of appointment locations, employees, and resources
How you benefit:
  • Faster responses to changing circumstances
  • Appointments end customers can depend on (including arrival times)
  • Multiple planners access the same common view
  • Greater employee satisfaction based on more transparent workloads

Mobile data entry with the technician client

All orders and information at a glance, digital service report with electronic feedback

  • audius.CRM Mobile Service is OS-agnostic and offers bring-your-own-device support
  • Access to all relevant informations such as reports and orders within one application
  • Processed information available both on- and offline
  • Results (including processing and transfers) entered into digital service reports
  • Client capable of communicating with machines and measurement instruments
How you benefit:
  • Optimal process support
  • Modern equipment saves technicians time
  • More time for the actual tasks at hand
  • Customers appreciate professional working methods

Microsoft HoloLens

Supporting your field service technician by Mixed Reality

  • Direct on-site support from office-based experts
  • Visualization of 3D models, including manuals for devices, machines, and other equipment
  • Direct availability of all mobile client functions
How you benefit:
  • Optimal support for the technician
  • Modern equipment saves technicians time
  • More time for the actual tasks at hand
  • Forward-thinking solution
  • Consistent support on a digital basis

Project service automation

Direct planning of commissioning and data transfer to the service department

  • Project-based contracts: Linking offers and contracts with project plans, reports, cost estimates, payment methods, etc.
  • Project planning: Visual project planning and estimation, including predecessors, automated task scheduling, etc.
  • Resource management: Resource information, including skills and proficiencies of your workforce
  • Time and expenses recording: Team members can capture time and expenses via web interface or mobile apps
How you benefit:
  • Preparation of cost estimates, offers, reports and contracts
  • Create cost estimates, quotes, and contracts
  • Plan and schedule resources
  • Enable team collaboration
  • Capture time, expense, and progress data for real-time insights and accurate invoicing
  • Strengthen and enhance customer loyalty
  • Leverage expertise and project services in every interaction with customers
  • Optimize performance: Set priorities, introduce innovations, and invest in service offerings on the basis of trend analyses

Intelligent reports

Identify trends, assess service quality, and forecast installation stability

  • Comprehensive, centralized data makes both standardized and custom reports possible
  • Countless controlling options, from weekly ticket statistics to support for dynamic pivot tables in Microsoft Excel
How you benefit:
  • Act proactively instead of reacting: Through timely identification of trends, reflection of service quality and predictions of installation stability
  • Optimization of maintenance operations
  • Continuously optimize your service quality and revenues based on integrated sales and marketing data

Microsoft integration

Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft's product ecosystem

  • Combines Dynamics CRM with audius's 20-plus years of experience in field service management
  • audius.CRM Mobile Service dovetails with an set of Microsoft applications, from Office to SharePoint and Skype for Business to increase productivity
  • Easily incorporates new Microsoft services
  • Resulting solution works like a single unified product
How you benefit:
  • Increased user acceptance and productivity through familiar workflows
  • Less time and fewer resources required


Integrate partners and customers into your processes

  • Use audius.CRM Mobile Service to set up a partner or customer self-service portal
  • Assign authorizations to any number of customers or partners (determining who can view or enter certain information)
  • Grant customers or partners access to a variety of information (manuals, knowledge bases, current status of tickets / orders, etc.)
  • Use a portal to integrate customers or partners into process creation (order generation, for example)
How you benefit:
  • More efficient business relationships
  • Greater information transparency
  • Stronger ties to customers, partners
  • Increased customer satisfaction based on constant service availability

Deployment / architecture

Adapts easily to your requirements and guidelines

  • audius.CRM Mobile Service is available in cloud, on-premise, and hybrid architectures
  • Run your own applications in a hosted or flexible SaaS arrangement
  • Architecture can be changed at any time: today on-premise, tomorrow in the cloud
  • audius.CRM Mobile Service integrates into your current IT infrastructure in no time
How you benefit:
  • More time to concentrate on your core business
  • Investment with a focus on utility
  • audius.CRM Mobile Service is extremely flexible, allowing for adaptation to changing demands


Compatible with every industry, any number of users

  • audius.CRM Mobile Service offers benefits in all industries, making it essentially industry-agnostic
  • The need to accommodate customers from various sectors has made the solution highly flexible
  • audius has cross-industry experience in designing service processes
How you benefit:
  • Take advantage of expertise gathered from numerous companies and projects in a wide range of industries
  • Enter new areas of business without changing your service solution provider


Faster and more efficient solution finding and communication - internal and external

  • Embedding of FAQs or an internal knowledge database
  • Access to similar incidents that have already been resolved
  • Problems can be solved by technicians directly on site
How you benefit:
  • Conservation of employee resources, as the chatbot provides "first aid" for customer queries
  • Quick help with customer enquiries
  • Demonstration of solution approaches on site, e.g. in maintenance
  • Efficient support throughout the process

Chat module

Simplification of internal communication

  • Internal exchange is simplified
  • Hold meetings or group chats
How you benefit:
  • Optimization of collaboration
  • Simple and quick exchange of reports including image and text files and deadlines

Success Story

How does the digitalization of field service processes looks like in reality? You can find out in this video about the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 at the customer Fette Compacting GmbH!


What makes audius the perfect software partner for your technical field service?

  • More than 25 years of experience in field service management
  • First Black Belt partner of field service in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland)
  • Custom enhancements to the field service management solution, such as expense reporting, entry of non-productive time
  • Implementation of German translation of field service on behalf of Microsoft
  • Conducting of field service training for Microsoft employees and partners
  • Long-standing Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • Certified quality management
  • An extraordinary drive to innovate (as evidenced by projects related to the Internet of Things (IoT) and augmented reality)


The key features at a glance

Service management solution:

  • A 360° view of the customer
  • Ticket and escalation management
  • Contracts
  • Customer self-service/partner portal
  • Intelligent reports 


Resource planning and integration:

  • Dynamic staff and resource planning
  • Automatic routing module
  • Materials management
  • An end-to-end digital process
  • Microsoft integration 


Social Media:

  • Social Media resources: share information in your teams and with your customers
  • Using mail, voicemail, or videos based on Skype technology


Mobile data entry:

  • Support for “bring-your-own-device” environments
  • Online and offline mode
  • Paperless service reports
  • Checklists and data
  • Connectivity with machines and measurement instruments (IoT)
  • Integration with Microsoft HoloLens
  • Apps for iOS, Android and Windows 7,8 + 10



  • Available in cloud, on-premise, and hybrid architectures
  • Run your own applications in a hosted or flexible SaaS arrangement
  • Change of architecture possible at any time: today on-premise tomorrow in the cloud
  • Integrates into your current IT infrastructure in no time e.g. ERP solutions like SAP, Infor, Oracle, Dynamics AX, Dynamics Nav etc.
  • No code, and point-and-click configuration, enable rapid implementation and easy modification


ServiceFit Program

Make your field service fit for the future!

The standardized ServiceFit Program was developed to facilitate fast, tailored implementations of audius.CRM Mobile Service. After all, every company has its own IT structures and guidelines. The ServiceFit Program is designed to customize a ready-to-run installation of audius.CRM Mobile Service based on your exact requirements.



How the ServiceCheck works
Experienced audius consultants work together with your experts to analyze the status quo of your field service processes. The optimization potential is then identified and substantiated together with the departments involved. Of course, audius always keeps an eye on the industry benchmark, that is, on what other companies are doing.

Documentation of the status quo and the identified optimization potential, including starting points for shaping your service even more efficiently and increasing your customer loyalty significantly.



How the ServiceWorkshop works
Specialized audius professionals carry out an individual fit-gap-analysis concerning audius.CRM Mobile Service as part of a 2-day workshop together with your experts. The analyzed gaps are documented on a high-level by audius for you.

First requirement list for implementing audius.CRM Mobile Service, based on this a target price offer

audius is a member of the Customer Service Association Germany e.V.

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