Custom-fit solutions from best components
The audius Mail Transfer Agent (aMTA) is an unique combination of open source elements, OEM modules and in-house developments.
Heuristic Office Macro Detection
The audius Macro Filter analyses behaviour-based office macros. It decides on the basis of heuristic analysation which macros are ‚good‘ or ‚bad‘.
Quick set-up and yet extremely flexible
In conjunction with the modular structure, the configuration wizard ensures an ideal e-mail security set up, in less than 30 minutes.

Initial situation

Phishing e-Mails are the main gateway for cyber criminals. By manipulating attachments, they can infiltrate even well protected systems. No wonder that in a survey 56% of 1,300 IT decision-makers questioned targeted phishing attacks as the biggest current cybersecurity threat to their companies. 
Several hundred thousand new malware programs or potentially unwanted applications (PUA) come into circulation every day.
An effective e-Mail security solution must be able to respond quickly and dynamically. 

audius | E-Mail-Sicherheit | Problemstellung

98 % of threats targeting Microsoft Office applications use office macros to spread and execute malicious codes. At the same time, sending Word and Excel files which contain automation through macros, is important for many companies. It is often the only way to ensure internal processes running smoothly. A conventional, rigid and sharply set spam filter can often reject file types classified as potentially dangerous, such as Word and Excel. 

Therefore, it is important for companies to use a good aMTA with intelligent spam filter. Otherwise, employees would have to spend a lot of valuable working time in identifying and deleting spam themselves. 

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Product information

Our audius solution for e-mail security is a perfect interplay from various components. We did not re-invent the wheel again but we did combine the right solutions and programmed the missing parts ourselves.

audius | E-Mail-Sicherheit | Loesung

The aMTA appliance is based on open source module Postfix. In addition to some other specialized open source components such as ClamAV, the software solution primarily includes further audius development of OEM, among others from Avira. 
The whole thing results in a complex, multi-level and efficient protection against all kinds of e-mail threats. We have been using aMTA at audius for over 15 years, so we can permanently learn and continuously develop the product.   
Successfully: 83 % of e-mails received by audius are filtered as unwanted with a false positive rate‘ of less than 0.01 %

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What aMTA appliance offers for e-mail security

audius | E-Mail-Sicherheit | Angebot
  • Fast set-up: The specially developed configuration wizard ensures the up and running of the appliance in less than 30 minutes. 
  • High flexibility: Due to modular structures and use of open sources, the aMTA appliance can be adapted and expanded individually as required. 
  • Office Macro Analysis: The heuristic analysis of macros in office documents can reliably detect malicious code patterns.  
  • Macro Whitelist Hashing: The audius in-house developed audivir macro filter allows targeted control through "whitelisting". Clean documents can be sent by e-mail as required. 
  • E-Mail Security "Made in Germany": Development and support of aMTA appliances are carried out from our locations in Germany. 
  • Fair licensing: Come and talk to us, we will ensure you to find the right package for your company. Licensing is based on the respective number of users. 
  • Compatibility with all common systems: The appliance can be operated on all common platforms, both virtually and physically.


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audius | E-Mail-Sicherheit | Funktionen
Features of aMTA appliances
  • State-of-the-art e-mail security
  • With help of SPAMHAUS, it detects suspicious senders of e-mails before they are accepted 
  • Real-time comparison with block lists out of statistics of worldwide e-mails 
  • Differentiates between harmless and malware-infected e-mail attachments by using the heuristic method
  • Synchronizes itself in real time with malware database in Avira Cloud, which records information on up to 10,000 new malware variants every day
  • The integration of Avira Protection Cloud enables a detection rate of 99.99 percent


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The Baden-Württembergische cooperative union (Genossenschaftsverband e. V. BWGV) with its approximately 3.9 million members has relied on audius' expertise in network areas and IT security for many years. Within all areas, the cooperative union (BWGV) uses aMTA protection for more than 650 e-mail inboxes and is very satisfied with its result: In addition to the increased e-mail security detection rate, significant improvements have been achieved, through the use of aMTA.

audius | Referenz bwgv

Thomas van Helt, IT manager of the cooperative union (BWGV), sums up the long-standing cooperation with audius: "A partner who thinks ahead and along with us, a  ‚huge asset' to the BWGV“. We as BWGV appreciate that very much."

What he particularly appreciates about the aMTA appliance is: 

  • the simple operation and administration, 
  • the configuration of the preliminary checks 
  • the macro filter function

"The holistic concept of in-house development and open source, in combination with the usual excellent support from audius, convinces us all along the line," says Thomas van Helt, pleased with the effective e-mail protection for his association.

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