Platform independence
Available for iOS, Android, Windows 7/8.1/10 and HTML
Intelligent Offline Mode
Includes business logic in offline mode
Backend independence
Simultaneous connection of X-backend systems in one application
Native client
No HTML 5 App, including App-Sharing
Configure instead of develop
Fast customization and rollout by system administrator
Enormously fast ROI
Fast reactivity and easy app care
Support of different techniques
Supports barcode, RFID, NFC, GPS, mobile printing
Integration of photo, audio, digital documents and signatures
Compliant with CAFM-Connect
Product information
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Mobilize data and processes quickly, securely, and easily with dashface. This mobile enterprise application can be used for all mobile processes, including sales, service, M2M, IoT, ERP business processes, and materials management.

It goes without saying that dashface can also be used to mobilize business processes and data from other back-end systems. Get in contact to find out more.

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dashface for your individual requirements

Are you facing the challenge of porting existing business processes to mobile devices? Does your company use different back ends and upstream systems that you would like to consolidate to improve manageability?

With dashface, you can mobilize all of your processes easily and efficiently, from ERP business processes to materials management. And this applies to any industry and for any size of company.

dashface also supports multiple data sources and interfaces with all back-end databases, upstream systems, and data sources. The mobile enterprise application platform is therefore suitable for use with all mobile business processes.

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Example solutions based on dashface:
  • Service App
  • Inventory App
  • Meter data management
  • Fault logging
  • Room book
  • Medical technology
  • Contact management
  • Order management
  • Plants
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dashface - The business app for field forces
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dashface - Push Notifications
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