Audit-compliant data and log management in the cloud
  • Data back-ups
  • Encrypted communication
  • Security updates
  • Hosting within Europe
  • Contract and payment processing by German companies
  • GDPR compliant
Simple test organization setup
  • Supply of the required IT infrastructure including software components
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Easy addition of services, users, and storage space at any time
Improved efficiency due to process-optimized and flexible application
  • Mapping of more tests within a shorter time frame
  • Reduction of costs per test activity
Time and cost savings
  • Fully compatible components
  • Sustainable, well structured test processes
Faster provision of test documentation
  • Test data shared with the customer with no post-processing time
  • Extensible test solution with no long lead times
Collation and logging of measurement and test data from different measuring instruments
Product information
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In conjunction with leading measuring instrument manufacturer GMC-I Messtechnik GmbH, we have developed a solution that combines all processes associated with electrical equipment and system testing, greatly simplifying the individual process steps. In addition to further developing existing software products, we also added new components to create a complete cloud package. What’s more, the flexible package subscription price is scalable depending on company size, test volume, and number of employees.

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The cloud solution brings together the individual areas of inventory taking, equipment and system testing, and documentation, supporting the different activities of the testing team with central, audit-compliant data storage in the cloud.

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Process description

1. Customer, equipment, and location inventory

There are three alternatives for recording customer and device data, and their locations: 

  • Manually using IZYTRONIQ testing software
  • Importing from tester devices (using IZYTRONIQ) 
  • Mobile using the tablet or smartphone-based ELEXONIQ Inventory app

These options give our customers maximum flexibility for their customer and device inventory taking. For example, the inventory can be taken with the tablet – possibly even by the respective customer – even before testing takes place. All data is stored in the cloud and can be retrieved the following year. This eliminates the need for a repeat costly and time-consuming inventory, meaning that only verification and adjustment of the current inventory is required.

2. Equipment and system testing

Equipment testing itself is the task of the trained test operative using the tester device. GOSSENMETRAWATT measuring instruments can communicate directly with the IZYTRONIQ software included in the cloud subscription. As a result, the measurement data are read in directly and can be stored in the cloud. Measurement data can also be entered manually. 
In the ideal case scenario, the test operative selects an already inventoried device in the customer and object tree, creates a new test, performs it using the connected measuring instrument and saves the data. This records all required data.

3. Documentation

Once testing has been performed, the IZYTRONIQ software can be used to generate test reports for each object (equipment or system) or for multiple objects (by customer for example). These reports are attached to the equipment test as a PDF-A file and saved with a generated key (for audit compliance). They can be printed out as a hard copy or provided to the customer digitally.

To simplify the process here as well, we are the first provider to support the option of providing the customer with access to the VIZIONIQ ‘end customer portal’ by invitation. All the equipment and systems inventoried by the respective customer and the result of the last test can be viewed here. Attached test logs and any other available attachments (photos, descriptions etc.) can also be downloaded.

All steps can also be carried out in parallel by a testing team comprising several persons. Both the ELEXONIQ inventory app and the IZYTRONIQ testing software can be used in offline mode (IZYTRONIQ from Q3 2019), allowing users to work without an Internet connection and synchronize the data later.

The components
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IZYTRONIQ Premium Cloud
The testing software

A cloud version of the testing software is installed locally on a laptop, tablet, or computer. This offers the full functionality of the IZYTRONIQ ENTERPRISE premium license: fast and straightforward recording of complex tests and structures.

  • Working in a team without a separate server
  • Multiple users, central data
  • Simple use, pioneering design
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audius | ELEXON.IQ Inventory
ELEXONIQ Inventory
The inventory app

With ELEXONIQ Inventory, you can inventory take and synchronize locations and objects directly in the cloud. Available for Android, iOS, and Windows, straightforward inventory taking is possible both online and offline using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

  • Fast data recording through optimized views
  • Comprehensive usability / flexibility
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audius | VIZION.IQ Dashboard
VIZIONIQ Dashboard
The customer portal

Give your customers an insight into the test data courtesy of the VIZIONIQ Dashboard! Access the portal from the browser to open PDF test reports, for example. All object-related data, including test results, can also be viewed. Access permissions can be assigned for specific data.

  • Provision of test logs and attachments for end customers
  • Overview lists as test objects
  • Straightforward administration and independent extensibility
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