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For a better world
In order to develop, people need perspectives

For us at audius, it goes without saying to show social and corporate responsibility as a company. It‘s about supporting the poorest areas of the world, outside our national borders, as not every part in the world has the same education and training opportunities. 

Also, we are aware of all different needs in our region. We focus on socially disadvantaged people - especially children. In addition, we at audius, want to support people who have lost their perspectives due to their living conditions. People who live at a minimum subsistence level and urgently need our help.

Promoting young talent: socially and economically

Further we see our social responsibility in supporting not only the employees and workers of today, but also those of the future. For example, audius promotes the training of young people with internships and project days on various topics. Investing in the promotion of young talents and therefore in the future of the company, is a high priority at audius – for economic reasons and socio-political responsibility. 

To exercise and to be active is a perfect balance for everydays work. It can even develop into a passion. Sport connects people and strengthens the team spirit. For this reason, audius also supports various sports clubs in the region.

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Regional projects

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Hospice service for children and adolescents "Sternentraum"
This outpatient service is situated in the Rems-Murr district of Baden-Württemberg and employs 33 volunteer attendants to provide support for families with a terminally ill family member.

Saying goodbye is hard. Having someone by your side helps a lot during these difficult times. The volunteer companions from the ambulant service of the children and youth hospice Sternentraum walk this path with the concerned families. This does not only involve accompanying the affected person, but the entire family. Siblings who are about to say goodbye usually need particular support. Sternentraum has different free offers for grieving parents, children and young people.

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Association "Helping Hands e.V. Stuttgart"
Since 1999 this local association has been supporting people in need

Homeless people, needy families, children, teenagers as well as seniors are provided with food, clothing, shelter and all other daily necessities.

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Association "Berger Schule e.V."
For schoolchildren with learning difficulties "normal school life" is often very difficult to master.

Since 1998 they are supported by the Association of the Berger School in the East of Stuttgart. At the Berger School, children with as well as without special educational needs live and learn together.

Everyone is supported according to his or her individual abilities. The special teaching structure is based on the respective individual level of the child. Regular school teachers work closely with special needs teachers in a mutual supportive environment. 

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Förderverein Lernen fördern Nürtingen e.V.
Persönlichkeitsentwicklung und Förderung außerhalb des Klassenzimmers

Der Lebensraum Wald bietet eine Fülle von Möglichkeiten und Chancen für die Entwicklung von Sozialen Kompetenzen, für Gruppenerlebnisse, Naturerkundung, Werken, Lernerfahrungen, Bewegung, Spiel und Abenteuer.
Durch die enge Kooperation mit dem Forstrevier Nürtingen steht der Schulsozialarbeit ein Stück Wald auf dem Neckarhäusener Feld zu Verfügung. Dort gibt es ein selbstgebautes Waldsofa, eine Seilbahn, ein Baumhaus und verschiedene andere Einrichtungen.

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Normaler Abstand nach oben
Normaler Abstand nach unten

International projects

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Brücke zum Leben e.V.
People need our support - not only in our immediate neighbourhood, but also elsewhere.

In Romania, at the foot of the Carpathians, the association "Brücke zum Leben e.V." runs a children's home. Many of these children are suffering, orphaned or even abandoned. Our help is essential to give them a life in dignity and future-proof education. 

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Sports sponsorship

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Leisure sport
From handball to triathlon or soccer - audius promotes and supports a great variety of sports clubs.
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audius is also committed in supporting motocross.

Every two years, the MSC Wieslauftal in Rudersberg hosts the World Championship finals in motocross with sidecars - a project which audius is pleased to support.

Further information can be found here: 

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