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Social responsibility: dedication to our world

Social and societal responsibility are part of our corporate culture. Even in this topic we dare looking beyond our own nose. Of course we take care of our region because we are deep-seated there. Giving back some of our success to our region by providing support for children and social disadvantaged people means a heart affair to us.

We are aware that audius is primarily a product of our employees' expertise and professional work. But not everyone in the world has the same opportunities for education and further personal development. This is why we strive to help people that do not have the same positive prospects as we have due to their living conditions—people who live on the breadline urgently needing our help.

Youth development is also be seen by us as part of a company's social responsibility. By providing internships and project days, audius supports a variety of projects with the goal to contribute to youth development at an early stage. This investment in future obtains high priority at audius - both due to economic reason and sociopolitical necessity.

Sport is our passion - and sport ties. It fosters the team spirit as well as it's a precious compensation for working life. The engagement in this area has got a high significance to us. That's why we support several sports clubs throughout our region.

Regional projects

This outpatient service is situated in the Rems-Murr district of Baden-Württemberg and employs 33 volunteer attendants to provide support for families with a terminally ill family member. Attendance begins at the time of diagnosis and stops not until the family decides.

The focus goes beyond just attending to the ill person. Support is provided to the entire family, especially to siblings or children. "Sternentraum" hospice service also has various offers for mourning parents as well as children and young people.

All offers are free for families.

More information about "Sternentraum":

This local association was founded by a group of Stuttgart residents in 1999. The goal of this booster club is to support homeless people, needy families, children, youths and seniors by offering them food, clothing, mediation of finding reasonable housing and other things of daily needs.

More information about the booster club:

For 60 years, the Berger School in the east of Stuttgart has been helping students with learning difficulties. The Förderverein der Berger Schule e.V. has existed since 1998. It offers children and young people further advice and help.

At the Berger School Children with and without special educational needs live and learn together. All children are promoted according to their abilities. The lesson plan allows all children to learn well according to their individual performance level.

Regular school teachers and special education teachers work closely together and support each other. At times the teachers of both school types also teach together in class.

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International projects

The association "Bridge to live" runs a children's home in Romania, at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. The goal of the group is to help the many stranded, orphaned and abandoned children in leading a humane life and to ensure their education for proofing the future.

More information about "Bridge to live":

This association supports a family and its pastoral work with prisoners and their families in Costa Rica. Specifically, needy individuals, youths and prisoners are supplied with the bare necessities and supported in their reintegration into society.

More information about "Hope and Living":

Clean Water e.V. is a non-profit organization that aims to improve access to potable water for people in emerging economies. Its projects focus on setting up clean water kiosks. Clean Water e.V. recently launched an emergency aid initiative for the Philippines.

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Youth development

We support the educational institution "BBQ", a subsidiary of the Bildungswerk der Baden-Württembergischen Wirtschaft e.V. This non-profit educational institution oversees various projects on behalf of Südwestmetall, the metal and electronics industry union. The purpose of these projects is to arouse female and male student's interest in technical careers.

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Sports promotion

At our headquarters in Weinstadt-Enderbach the skiing unit of the Endersbach sports club and the swimming unit of the Weinstadt sports club experience our support.

Furthermore we help on the handball team as well as the football team of the Schwaikheim sports clubs.

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We are even get involved with motocross sports. The Wieslauftal motocross club in Rudersberg is promoted by us, which organises every 2 years the World Championship finals in motocross with sidecar

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