audius | Unternehmen hinter der Aktie
audius: The company behing the shares

As a successfull german ICT and software company, audius SE is commited to continuous growth and consistent focus on future-proof topics and areas. 
Swabian reliability and pragmatism are part of the companies DNA, combined with a keen eye of innovation and the expertise to match. The company is well established on the IT service market and offers a wide range of products and services, not to mention the more than 30 years of experience. The 5G mobile network expansion has been the biggest focus and most important growth area to date.

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audius | Zukunftssicheres Unternehmen

We enjoy a secure position in a strong market, we are healthy and continue our focus on sustainable success. In order to achieve our growth targets, we make sure to take on the right future-proof topics or to integrate these into our service portfolio through strategic acquisitions. At the end of our anniversary, in 2021, the audius Group consists of 12 subsidiaries which together cover the fields of IT services, software and network/mobile with a focus on 5G.

In order to further develop the company and its service portfolio through strategic investments, we have floated audius shares on the stock exchange market.

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audius | Lohnendes Investment
Why is it worth investing into audius shares?

Anyone looking for exciting shares can hardly avoid the shares of IT companies at the moment. Investments in IT companies can offer high returns as the market is growing and forecasts remain extremely good. Even if institutional investors like to go for blue chips: They don’t always have to be the biggest players on the market; right now, SME shares in successful medium-sized companies like audius have their own advantages. After all, a look at history shows that when markets are rising, the small cap index usually gains more than the large caps. 

Our company is growing steadily in a dynamic and future-oriented market. The development of audius shares has been very positive in recent months and years.

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Share & Trading Data

  • Issued shares: 4.950.000 shares
  • Nominal value: €1.00 per share
  • Trading segments: m:access, Basic Board FWB 
  • ISIN: NL0006129074
  • WKN: A0M530
  • Ticker: 3IT
  • Research coverage: SMC (target price 19,60 Euros), Solventis Research
  • Dividend: 30 Cent in 2021
  • Stock exchange locations: Xetra, Tradegate, Frankfurt, München, Stuttgart, Berlin, Düsseldorf

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