Best practice approach
Thanks to our many years of consulting experience spanning a range of industries, technologies, and company sizes, we have a good overview of which measures have been successful for your competitors’ management teams.
Consulting based on proven methodologies
Based on our wealth of experience in project work, we have developed frameworks, guidelines and methodologies for analysis, implementation, and consulting that can save you time and money.
IT security at the top of the agenda
Our security consultants are CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Personnel) certified. We guarantee compliance with current security standards.
Holistic consulting
Your audius consultant will support you every step of the way, from analysis and documentation through to the design of the finished strategy – while keeping your company’s specific infrastructure, requirements, resources and processes.
Cost reduction
Our consultants use proven methodologies and optimized technologies to create synergies and reduce the strain on your resources.
Knowledge transfer
Our consultants provide documentation and training to enable your employees to make efficient use of the developed solutions after the project is completed.
Reduction of complexity
Thanks to their integrated approach and extensive experience, our audius consultants can simply your systems and processes, thereby enabling your employees to focus on their key tasks.
Our consulting services ensure that you can access your digital processes whenever you need them.
Your route to increased efficiency
Optimally tailored measures and the resulting IT strategy create synergies in all areas, leading to better cost and time management.

Product information

IT-Consulting Produktinformationen | audius

Our consultants leverage their years of experience in successful project implementation to analyze a company’s IT structures and processes. Based on the information obtained, we assess the security level of the company’s IT environment and derive its digital maturity. This evaluation generates specific measures, which we customize together with the customer’s management team and use to develop and implement a tailored IT strategy that takes the available resources into account. Our consultants use an integrated approach that is customized to suit the specific business, the technology, and the available resources and employees.

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We will be happy to advise you on topics such as the following:


  • WAN/Internet access, connections and concepts
  • Network and WLAN architecture and implementation
  • Firewall and network security (segmentation, VLANs, DMZ, load balancing, WAF, encryption)

IoT and cloud strategies

  • Technology consulting (private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud)
  • Cloud model consulting (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • Product and license consulting
  • Access, training, and implementation
  • Cloud strategy development, architecture, and implementation

Basic infrastructure

  • Server and storage architecture, consulting and implementation
  • Platform and virtualization solutions
  • Windows and Linux installations / setup and application design
  • High availability solutions

Security concepts, solutions and implementations

Segmentation, endpoint security, vulnerability analysis, AD security, 
authentication/multi-factor authentication (MFA), e-mail security, e-mail encryption, data center security, VPN, SASE solutions, and much more

Basic services and technologies

Active Directory, GPO, DNS, DHCP, NTP, mail, file services, authentication, web services, backup, 
certificates, PKI, logging, monitoring, asset and patch management, MDM, and much more

Our programs

IT-Consulting Programme | audius
Helping you reach your goal quickly and efficiently

To help you reach your goal as quickly as possible, we have developed the following consulting programs based on best practices. Because every company has its own IT structures and guidelines, our assessments and audits focus on developing an operational concept that is specifically designed for your company and its needs.

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audius cloud readiness check (ACRC)

More and more companies are moving to the cloud. To make the transition as smooth as possible, there are some issues you need to keep in mind. Our consultants can help you with the ACRC, which analyzes your existing infrastructure, processes, and security measures to generate an assessment of your “cloud maturity.”

audius infrastructure security audit (AISA)

Together, we conduct an audit that includes a protection requirements analysis, an infrastructure assessment, and a penetration test. We evaluate the results and point out any vulnerabilities or “findings.” We then compile the resulting measures into a report, on the basis of which we provide you with an advanced IT strategy recommendation.

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audius infrastructure improvement guide (AIIG)

The AIIG includes a step-by-step plan, which consists of the results of the assessments (AISA) as well as current and future IT projects. Our consultants place the high-level measures in the context of the customer’s projects. They identify quick wins, schedule them in a timely manner, and classify and prioritize projects. The resulting project plan includes detailed time and resource planning.
The synergies achieved in this way ensure that your measures and strategies are implemented optimally and efficiently.

Partnerships / Memberships

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