Automated routine tasks
Add-on solutions help to reduce the complexity of day-to-day work and conserve resources.
Based on Dynamics 365
Our add-ons supplement the standard features of Dynamics 365, which ensures that they remain future proof and forefront of technology.
For use in cloud and on premise
They are easily integrated into the existing or desired Microsoft product world.
Modular structure
All add-ons can be used in any combination and complement the industry solutions.
Product information
audius | audius Add-ons
Our add-on portfolio

includes a quotation and product configurator, interfaces to DATEV Mittelstand and Agenda Fibu, an interface to transfer invoice data to banks in SEPA format, as well as useful tools for commission accounting, automated document processing, address validation and automated storage of e-mail attachments in Microsoft SharePoint to reduce storage space in the CRM system.

From these and other add-ons, we develop a customized business software solution for each customer in conjunction with our industry solutions.

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audius | audius Add-ons
Most of our add-ons are designed for use in any industry.
We have developed comprehensive and specialized solutions for seminar, event and meeting providers.
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Interface between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and DATEV Mittelstand complements the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales for invoicing and posting, including the automated export of invoices to another system.

Transfers customer and invoice data from the standard system to DATEV Mittelstand and transfers payments from DATEV Mittelstand. 

Optional enhancements:

of accounts payable to DATEV Mittelstand
of A/P invoices from DATEV Mittelstand
of outgoing invoice documents to DATEV Unternehmen online
of working time data and expenses for payroll accounting with LODAS
Internal cost allocation
Deferred income
Configure – Price – Quote
Quotation and product configuration of complex products with many different models.

audius:Configurator supports companies which have to take into account many different aspects such as development, production and material use in manufacturing and sales of their products.

audius:Configurator capabilities
  • Quotation and order structuring by product configuration
  • Increase in business efficiency
  • Elimination of potential errors through structuring and automation
  • Reduced employee responsibility in regards to detailed knowledge

The attractive on-premise alternative in field service, which is not in competition with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service.
Facilitates guided communication between field service and scheduler during service processes (implementations, service and maintenance work).
Guarantees end-to-end digital processing:

RFQ acceptance
Requirements determination
of human and technical resources
of services and materials
Customer inventory updates
Automated document processing
for sales and accounting.

Once the documents (quotations, orders or invoices) have been created, there are several export options:

  • E-mail to the customer
  • Saving to Microsoft SharePoint or the CRM system
  • Printout of paper documents
Other features:
  • Addressing customers through voice control in their own language
  • Use of multilingual documents
  • Parameterization of the shipping document
  • Choice between different export formats: PDF, TIF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX and MHTML

Reduces storage space in Microsoft Dynamics 365! Audius:StorageSaver takes the documents from existing and newly added e-mails or notes with attachments and forwards them directly to Microsoft SharePoint. It applies to incoming and outgoing e-mails.

It is a great solution because storage space in Microsoft SharePoint costs much less than CRM, bringing significant cost savings, especially for cloud customers with large databases.

Benefits for on-premise and cloud customers: 

Storage location
in Microsoft SharePoint is defined with access permissions
can be accessed from Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics 365
Access permissions
for all – or specific users only
Document content
in Microsoft SharePoint is searchable, keyword-tagged and version-managed
Add-ons for fee and commission accounting
For all companies using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

audius:Commission saves time and errors by automating complex commission and bonus accounting processes. It can be used for accounting services of: 

  • Employees 
  • External agents 
  • Consultants
Other features:
The function is able to incorporate a large number of parameters in the commission unit calculation, including:
  • Contract duration
  • Contribution margins
  • Revenues and premiums

Amounts can be distributed over several commission recipients and structured sales organization can be mapped. Commission settlements are performed periodically.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Agenda Fibu – a strong pair that mutually complements each other. The interface provides complementary invoicing and posting capabilities to enhance Dynamics 365, it enables smooth payment transactions and efficient collaboration with the tax office

While customer and invoice data can be transferred from Dynamics 365 to AgendaFibu; in reverse, payments can be transferred from AgendaFibu to Dynamics 365

Benefits of routine process automation:

is made even more straightforward
It saves time
is available faster
Process quality
is improved
There is less chance of data entry errors
Add-on for correct addresses and auto complete

Address entry is subject to a validation process, which ensures the system generating a complete and correct address from available information in the right format for the CRM system. This offers the following advantages:

  • Error-free deduplication of the address​
  • Correct localization based on the correct address format and thus correct display in Google Maps or Bing Maps
  • Correction of already existing addresses; typos and format errors are corrected​
  • Incomplete addresses are completed
Other features:

In addition, the add on offers an auto complete function automatically providing suggestions when entering addresses. The user therefore does not have to enter the entire address manually and avoids typos.


SEPA interface for the smooth transfer of invoice data in SEPA format from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to bank systems.

The interface can be deployed online and locally as part of audius solutions and as a standalone application for Dynamics 365. 

It offers the following functions:

Export file
in XML format that is compliant with SEPA 3.0 requirements
intended for direct debits are put as a plain direct debit file, and the numbers of customer direct debits are updated
between SEPA Core direct debit and SEPA B2B direct debit is taken into account in the file import
Useful add-ons for automatic generation of documents from the CRM system

Possible applications include product specifications, service descriptions, requirement specifications, portfolios for financial service providers, or particulars for real estate agents.


  • Significant time savings: Existing elements are automatically merged into one document
  • Uniform appearance: All documents have a uniform, attractive corporate design​
  • Short response times: Fast responses to requests and changes​
  • Flexible adjustment: Contents of the documents can be adapted quickly and flexibly​
  • Error prevention: Automation prevents errors such as typos or copy and paste errors
  • Sales documents can be easily created from any existing content in your CRM system; for example from
    ○ Quotations
    ○ Accompanying texts
    ○ Product informations
    ○ Images
    ○ Configurator contents
    ○ Diagrams
  • Convenient creation and formatting of document text modules in the CRM system using the text editor​​
  • Document output as Word or PDF file