Clear communication with customers
Optimize sales processes with productive sales tools. Extensive support for customer communication allows your sales staff to focus better on relevant sales activities.
New insights into customer relationships
Get better information about buyers, leads and their networks. Clear visualization helps your sales staff to structure information and identify important customers.
More effective collaboration without obstacles
Thanks to seamless connectivity to Microsoft 365 and Teams, your sales team is able to communicate with instant access to relevant customer data at all times.
Ahead of the curve thanks to artificial intelligence
AI-powered processes and data make interactions, workflows, and steps more effective.
More time for productive activities
By automating numerous tasks, sales staff spend less time on unproductive activities.
Transparent planning
Easy-to-use planning and analysis tools providing your sales managers real-time information on sales activities, forecasts and trends.

Product information

Dynamics 365 Sales: The digital heart of your sales business

Use the latest technical possibilities to digitalize sales and raise to a new level. Dynamics 365 Sales is the ideal tool for your sales team to shape productive customer relationships and conduct more successful sales processes.

Digital sales node from lead to after sales

With Dynamics 365 Sales, your employees have all the key tools on the one platform for a modern, flexible sales solution. You can also create campaigns, monitor service cases and identify opportunities from within Dynamics 365 Sales.

Seamless connectivity with the Microsoft universe

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales integrates seamlessly with other solutions in the Microsoft family. In your processes and workflows, you benefit from a tailored interaction with Dynamics 365 Marketing and Dynamics 365 Customer Service. From Dynamics 365 Sales, your employees can access the familiar tools of the Microsoft 365 family, such as Excel, Outlook, or Teams.

Work flexibly

On the road, in the office or in your office at home: Dynamics 365 Sales offers support for all devices: whether desktop, laptop, or smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac.


  • Sales process with an AI-powered workspace
  • Multi-channel tools such as softphone dialers and e-mail templates
  • Collaboration hub for virtual meetings with colleagues
  • Access to context-dependent LinkedIn profiles
  • Comprehensive timeline 
  • Proactive instructions on customer communication 
  • Smartphone app for digitalization of voice notes and business cards
  • Automation of sales and marketing processes
  • AI-supported forecast optimization
  • Interactive reports and customizable dashboards for data and performance analysis


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