audius | Ute Silberhorn
Working Mom
"Balancing family and career is not always easy - but audius supports me in the best possible way!"
– Ute Silberhorn, accounting

After completing my apprenticeship as a banking professional I worked in the area of order processing and financial accounting for many years. Someday starting a family became present even to me. When my two children were old enough, I wanted to start working again.

Of course, part-time at first and, ideally, with an employer that does not perceive working mothers as a problem. I carefully looked around and then I came across audius. A company that is part of the "Erfolgsfaktor Familie" network sounded like a perfect match to me. I was even lucky - a job was offered that met my qualification: accounting specialist.

Soon after sending my application I was invited by audius. Yet during the job interview I already touched on working part time. Quickly it became obvious that being a working mom goes without saying at audius.

I am now with audius for more than 3 years. And my first impression of yore has proven to be true. audius treats me very fairly and provides me relatively great flexibility thanks to flextime. If there are urgent things at home, a home-office day is also possible. This freedom is based primarily on mutuality and trust. Career development is also on my agenda. Like any full-time employee, I am allowed unlimited participation in the internal professional development program UpSkill and in addition I receive individual support.

But the best part is: I always have the feeling of being an important and particularly valuable part of the company.

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audius | Silabetzschky
High Potential
audius is growing and developing quickly - and I am participating in growing and developing!"
– Eric Silabetzschky, service account manager

As a trained IT clerk, I had been working as an IT technician for the first few years after completing my apprenticeship. Career advancement was always an important aspect of my life. That is why, at some point, I decided to look for a new job that would both challenge and promote me.

audius' philosophy of employee development appealed to me right from the beginning. I started as an IT technician with great opportunities for advancement and my career firmly in view. After some time, including working as a rollout technician directly at the customer's, which allowed me to showcase my talents, an individual further education plan was elaborated together with my line managers. It was my goal to fill the position as a service account manager in the future. audius supported me by tailor-made professional development measures focusing on leadership.
Today, I am in charge of one of our largest customers at an operational level. In doing so my competences range from processing customer requests, contract authority of third-party staff to functional as well as disciplinary responsibility of all project employees.
I am sold on the trust and appreciation shown to all employees by audius. The flat hierarchy structures help making decisions quickly. This also applies to the professional development of the staff: no playing along and made agreements are kept. And this is indicated not least by an excellent working atmosphere.

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audius | Michael_Mederer
Long-Term Employee
“From my computer science training to my job as an IT consultant, audius has been at my side since the beginning of my career!”
– Michael Mederer, IT-consultant

I decided to learn how to be a computer science specialist at audius after finishing school because I’ve always loved tinkering with the latest technologies. I’ve since had the opportunity to continue developing my skills and work in different positions within the company.

From providing internal support and managing technical projects for a major corporation to working as an IT security consultant, audius offers a variety of professional challenges and an environment in which employees can constantly evolve.

I’ve now been at audius for more than 13 years; right now, I’m providing a variety of projects with holistic support. This includes everything from creating quotes to overseeing concept design, technical implementations, and follow-up support. I also conduct IT infrastructure audits in a wide range of industries.

What I really like about my current position at audius is that the work involved is very diverse and international in scope. Portugal, Mexico, the United States – I support customers all around the globe.

Through flexible working hours and the trust they’ve placed in me, audius has given me the freedom to carry out interesting and demanding projects on my own.

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