Variable contractual design according to your requirements!
There is no conflict of interest due to the external data protection officer. He offers a neutral view of your company!
The audius data protection officer has the necessary qualifications, all necessary documents and templates and is immediately ready for use without any training period!
Avoidance of fines
The transposition deadline for the GDPR has expired. To ensure that the data protection authority does not impose a fine on you, the audius data protection officer ensures that your company acts in accordance with data protection regulations!
Through regular training and findings from other companies, you can rely entirely on the expertise of audius' data protection officer!
With audius' external data protection officer, you can give your employees security when dealing with confidential data!
Does your company need a data protection officer?

Whether your company needs to appoint a data protection officer depends on several factors:

  1. Does your company process personal data?
  2. Is the data processed automatically and are there usually at least 20 people involved in the automated processing of personal data?

If you answer both questions with "yes", your company is obliged to appoint a data protection officer according to the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

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What does a data protection officer do?

As the term suggests, a data protection officer works to ensure a company's compliance with data protection law. In doing so, he or she has to have the necessary expertise and remain independent in this role.

In particular, a data protection officer is tasked with monitoring the proper use of any programs used to process personal data. This includes names, addresses, and contact information pertaining to customers, as well as data related to HR or a company's works council.

In addition, a data protection officer is to carry out activities designed to raise awareness of the applicable legal requirements and guidelines of data protection law among those who are involved in processing personal data.

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The audius 3-phase model for data protection in your company

audius has developed an approach you can follow to implement a professional, efficient system of data protection that conforms with all the applicable laws. It involves three phases.

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What options do companies have in appointing a data protection officer?

External data protection officer

Let one of the audius experts handle the job!
The simplest way to fulfill your company's data protection obligations is to commission an external data protection officer. At audius, the data protection experts know the relevant laws down to the last detail.

They can also show you the best ways to optimize your data processing methods in line with such legislation and avoid related fines. Depending on your company's size and how its data landscape is structured, the external data protection officers may only need a few days each year to ensure your compliance with the BDSG.

With audius taking care of things for you, you’ll no longer need to worry about data protection, and your employees will see only a minimal increase in workload.

Internal data protection officer

audius will bring your company up to speed with the BDSG!
If your company has the necessary resources at hand, appointing an internal data protection officer may be the better option. The time it takes an employee to handle the tasks this position involves depends on the scope of the data protection processes at your company.

Meanwhile, the necessary basic expertise can be acquired in standardized seminars offered by TÜV, IHK, and other German institutions. In practice, however, internal data protection officers often run into specific issues they are unable to handle without assistance.

This is where data protection consultants from audius come in: They'll leverage their expertise to give your data protection officer added confidence and provide support as you optimize your processes. You’ll then be able to rest easy knowing that your internal data protection officer has all of his or her tasks well in hand.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Since 25 May 2018, the basic data protection regulation has been in force. It ensures uniform data protection law in the European Union - in Germany together with a new version of the BDSG. This means that all affected companies will need to make extensive adjustments to the new legal landscape.

audius dealt with the new legal situation at an early stage so that you can be optimally looked after with regard to data protection.
Here are the most important impending changes:

  • Expanded executive responsibility
  • Effective application of data protection law based on increased liability and fines
  • “Privacy by design” and “privacy by default” will become basic principles of data protection law
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Expanded obligation to report data incidents
  • Expanded documentation regulations (including with regard to information security management systems, or ISMS)
  • Expanded citizens’ rights
  • Modified role for data protection officers

If you have not yet made your company fit for the new legal situation, it is high time! The "grace period" of the supervisory authorities is slowly passing and ignorance does not protect against punishment.

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