Simplification of file server structures and e-mail storage
through transparent DMS structures
Social intranets and knowledge management platforms
Team workspaces and My Sites
Workflow automation
Project platforms, including integration of external project partners
xRM projects
Quality and risk management
Service organization
Management information (BI): extraction and distribution
Data acquisition for ERP processes or information functions
Web design and integration of mobile devices
Company-specific special applications and interface solutions

Our services

Funktionsweise SharePoint | audius
The full range of Microsoft SharePoint functions
From collaboration to business intelligence

Microsoft SharePoint has become a key element of many companies’ infrastructures. Numerous factors play a role in the design and implementation of SharePoint solutions for optimizing internal or cross-organizational information and communication processes. SharePoint’s immense range of functions makes it possible to map very different tasks in parallel on a central platform.

SharePoint is also a key component of cloud-based infrastructures such as Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Azure. Here, completely new challenges arise for process-supporting solutions, possibly with a connection to back-end systems (SAP or internal databases), which then have to be implemented with hybrid infrastructures (on premise and cloud)

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Infrastruktur SharePoint | audius

In the area of infrastructure, we offer the following services:

  • SharePoint farm design
  • Sizing
  • Installation and configuration
  • Maintenance
  • Updates
  • Upgrades
  • Migration of data / applications
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Lösungen SharePoint | audius
Task handling

SharePoint’s vast range of functions makes it possible to map very different tasks in parallel on a central platform:

  • Portal and application structures
  • Branding and corporate design
  • Document management and archive systems
  • Collaboration and project and task management
  • CRM, contact and communication management
  • Process and quality management
  • Wiki and knowledge management
  • Social computing and news management
  • Business process optimization and digitalization
  • Data exchange, synchronization and interfaces to other systems
  • Companywide search
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Our focus areas & methods

Recurring tasks

Extensive best practices, templates and out-of-the-box standard solutions can be used for recurring tasks, thus keeping project runtimes, costs and risks to a minimum.

SharePoint project model

SharePoint projects are implemented in an agile project model. The customer’s key users and administrators are closely involved from the start. In this way, knowledge is transferred an ongoing basis for the duration of the project. A high level of staff continuity, including in the maintenance and support phase, is a cornerstone of outstanding user satisfaction.



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