Prevent data loss
Minimize the loss of critical data to near zero with recovery point objectives (RPOs) by restoring the latest or point-in-time state. In this way, you can ensure that your business has the resilience it needs.
Ransomware protection you can rely on
Protect your data with immutable and malware-proof storage repositories for backups and prevent malicious encryption and deletion of your backed up data.
A solution for your backup needs
Enjoy greater security for the data in your organization: We offer backups for your on-premise environment, Azure, AWS, Google, or Microsoft.
Benefit from our expertise
With our specialist knowledge based on years of experience in backing up data, we will be happy to advise you on the best possible backup solution for your requirements. backup

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Why Backup?

Many companies move to the public-cloud and forget all about backup. Most public-cloud providers back up your data using high availability solutions. Although cloud providers usually create a traditional backup for their own internal use and to protect against disasters, this is often not available to you as a customer. Furthermore, the methods described above do not provide protection in the event of self-inflicted data loss, for example, due to the accidental deletion of a mailbox.
Nor is it possible to restore data to a specific point in time. This is why we recommend using a powerful backup software to safeguard your files.

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Our backup solution

The best-practice concept for backups is based on the 3-2-1 rule (three data copies, two media, and one external backup). We can outsource your backup to two separate locations (multi-site replication). This gives you a best-practice solution for your backups in just one step. One copy of your data is located on your server and two copies are stored, independently of location, on different storage media in the In this way, you can secure your data center, endpoints and other cloud services in line with the latest standards. Our backup solutions allow you to access and restore important business files at any time.

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