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Creating customized software solutions for SMEs and global corporations since 1991
A design tailored to you
We adapt our implementation methods in line with each of our customer’s requirements
Large-scale projects not a problem
Guaranteed fullfillment for medium and large-scale projects
Strong partner in all project phases
From required analysis through to implementation and final support
Combination of standard and customized software
A software perfectly tailored to your needs: a customized solution which includes all components you are missing

Product information

Three scenarios typically apply to business software. Number 1, suitable standard software exists; number 2, customized software development is required; or 3, a combination of both is required. In many enterprises and authorities, standard software is used, which can be adapted up to a certain point, to specific needs. In addition, there are experts who know the software well and ensure its smooth operation. Sometimes, that is sufficient. However, standard software will never satisfy all requirements; it is rather the opposite.

Customized software is necessary where processes are complex or specialized as standard software cannot be used. In this case, audius is the right company for you.

With more than 30 years’ experience in software development, the first thing we do is listening to our customers. It ensures that we quickly develop an understanding of the challenges faced by our customers. This is the only way to develop innovative software solutions which are the perfect fit. audius has been in the industry for a long time and has considerable expertise in planning and implementing large-scale projects. Reliable fulfillment ensures that our clients’ investments are protected.

audius accompanies and manages the entire project cycle:

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The following two references illustrate how audius can support customers with developed customized software:

audius | Referenzkunde DPG
Reference case 1: Customized software for DPG Deutsche Elektro Prüfgesellschaft mbH

DPG has been conducting top-quality electrical and non-electrical operational safety inspections since 2015, providing operational safety as well as legal security for companies of all sizes and all sectors.

Immediately after its founding, DPG contacted audius. They were looking for a competent partner with experience of CRM management, to help them set up their processes correctly and in line with legal standards. After thorough analysis of DPG’s requirements, audius demonstrated that, a combination of standard and customized software was the right answer.

Customer and inquiry management, quotations and invoices as well as an audit scheduling, could all be handled and processed using standard software. For this, audius relied on Dynamics 365 and the mobile add-on dashface. The mobile app was tailored to customer’s requirements, in order to provide the data digitally and in real time from test-device to the end customer.

A technician component developed by audius links dashface with the measuring and test devices, used by the inspectors on site. At the push of a button, all test data is transferred to dashface and directly to the backend. The customer has real-time access to test data and can download the corresponding reports immediately. DPG, in turn, can generate its invoice immediately.

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audius | Referenzkunde GMC


Reference case 2: Customized software for Gossen Metrawatt GmbH

Gossen Metrawatt GmbH is a leading global provider of metrological systems for the electrical trade, industry and healthcare sector. The company was looking for a customized all-in-one software solution which would provide a complete solution for all testing processes, and could be used as a cloud solution in the future. The company recognized a suitable partner for the development of this sophisticated customized software in audius. 

And the result couldn’t be clearer: IZYTRON.IQ is the first testing software that allows measurement and test data from different test instruments and multimeters to be combined and logged into one test. The entire test process can be managed and documented across all devices. In the first step, we developed IZYTRON.IQ in three different versions: including ‘Business’ as an entry-level version for small electricians to ‘Enterprise’ for major customers with more than 100,000 devices.

The solution is now available as a cloud solution with its own payment model. It is equally suitable for customers of all sizes, can be linked to other applications, and can be used by all Gossen Metrawatt GmbH devices. Measurement and test data end up directly in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, where it is immediately accessible to customers and processors. There are three options: stand alone, public cloud, and private cloud.

The customized software project IZYTRON.IQ illustrates audius’ approach perfectly: By listening carefully to our customers, we can contribute our expertise in software development; especially in larger, more complex projects.

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If you have been unable to find a standard solution that meets your requirements and are interested in customized software by a strong and competent partner, please get in touch.

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