Complete logging
All activities can be reviewed at a glance
Logic during data transfer
Introduction of logic during data transfer
Quick setup
Fast-established data transfers between existing and new systems
Complete linkage of your systems
Connection of your systems by different connectors
Free scalability
This allows adaptation to increasing performance requirements at any time
Flexible transfer of data volumes
From small to large amounts of data - everything is possible
Trigger options
There are several options available to trigger the jobs
  • From the external side
  • Time-controlled
Reduced effort
Significantly reduced effort for adjustments compared to programmed interfaces
Data migration from systems

audius data interchange server

Heterogeneous IT structures mean that a lot of effort is usually required to program interfaces. During programming, version updates or changes to the source or target system often result in yet more effort. 

By using adis, you can significantly reduce the personnel requirements and technical effort required for such changes. It makes the mere programming of interfaces a thing of the past. Configurable connectors enable data transfer between a wide range of source and target systems. With adis, you can integrate external service providers such as lettershops and market research data quickly and securely. Its area of application ranges from text files to databases and ERP systems.

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Product information

Key features
  • Consistent data due to transactional processing
  • Audit-proof logging
  • Diagnostic function for reconstructing data
  • Scripting interface for formatting data
  • Time-controlled execution of data transfer jobs
  • Simultaneous execution of multiple jobs
  • Staging function for transfer to a production environment
  • Integrated authorization system to assign tasks
  • Clear user interface design
  • Detailed process steps and error descriptions
Overview of connectors

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/CRM Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO/AX Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO/AX

 SAPadis IDoc Connector 2.0 for SAP NetWeaver® and SAP S/4 HANA® 

SAP adis RFC Connector 3.0 for SAP NetWeaver® and SAP S/4 HANA® 

SAP adis IDoc Connector 3.0 for SAP NetWeaver® and SAP S/4 HANA®


SQL Server SQL Server


Text Textdateien

HubSpot HubSpot

audius | DATEV DATEV


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