Enthusiastic customers become loyal fans
Impress your customers with optimized service processes, and generate more leads from referrals.
Customer self-service possible
Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to set up external customer engagement portals, relieving the pressure on service staff and increasing customer satisfaction.
Knowledge Management
Provides specialized articles and information to support technicians on site as well as dedicated training management.
Omnichannel for greater flexibility
Service staff can be reached on all channels, and the use of live chats or chatbots is supported.
Integrates with useful add-ons
Improve effectively your service agents with productivity tools, such as remote video support, AI support and macros.
Available on all devices
The full capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service can also be used with any smartphone or tablet via the app.

Product information

Depending on your customer service-related requirements, you can choose or combine different app experiences.

Customer Service Hub

Interface which combines day-to-day and knowledge management activities and simplifies them through automation or other tools, leaving service agents more time to focus on their demanding core business activities.

Omnichannel for customer service

Enables agents to communicate with customers through various channels such as e-mail, phone, chat, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Customer Service Workspace

The agent productivity boosting module for core customer service allows multiple sessions to run simultaneously in a single workspace.


audius | Dynamics 365 Customer Service
The all-in-one solution for mobile enterprise data
  • Swift resolution of customer issues through comparison with similar inquiries
  • Release of information to the knowledge base
  • Definition and checking of scope service on base of Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Productivity monitoring with reports and dashboards
  • Integration of AI simplifies and accelerates issue resolution
  • Embedding of live chats
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audius | Dynamics 365 Customer Service
  • Remote video support
  • Setup of customer engagement portals
  • Conversations over different channels
  • Support for multiple simultaneous sessions
  • Proactive IoT service fixes machine problems independently
  • Gathering customer feedback ensures consistently high quality of service
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