Good reasons

Lifetime learning
Employee's professional development with and by audius
  • Wide range of professional qualification and training workshops 
  • Free internal training program UpSkill NEXT
Fast career paths
Supporting employees through targeted trainings and continuous education
  • Efficient and fast approval processes thanks to flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths
  • Flexible working locations supporting private changes due to nationwide coverage throughout Germany
Fringe benefits
  • Optional conclusion of additional health insurance
Exciting tasks
Diverse projects & both national and international project assignments
Friendly working environment
Companionship beyond the office
  • Plenty of reasons to celebrate together
Strong company values
Core values of pragmatism, accountability and partnership
  • Community and unity combined with innovation, creativity and flexibility
Family-friendly policies
Active support of a work/family balance
  • Customized models of part-time and home office
Secureness & forward-looking approach
Owner-managed since 1991
  • Leading medium-sized software and IT company in Germany
Continuous expansion
Growing number of employees and steady sales growth

Human resources development

audius | Karriere
Further education is always a MUST – even more considering the dynamic development of technologies

The success of a company is based on its employees. Long-term performance can only be guaranteed with optimal training and further education of employees. audius supports its employees in their professional development and prepares them for management positions through individual and targeted training. Existing competencies are strengthened and enhanced by subject-specific qualifications. At audius, the focus always lies on the personal development of our employees.

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The audius development model

Level 5
Supporting high potential
Level 4
Individualized, continuing education for every employee
based on function, skill level and work environment
Level 3
Department-specific continuing education
Level 2
Area-specific continuing education:
Software / IT Services
Level 1
UpSkill NEXT:
Basic module for all employees within audius group

UpSkill NEXT

UpSkill NEXT

UpSkill NEXT is an audius in-house training program. It provides employees with opportunities for individual and continuous further education:

Employee Benefit:

  • Acquiring the knowledge and skills required for individual tasks
  • Course recommendations based on work experience and subsequent participation
  • Individual learning schedules
  • Learning materials available via computer or mobile
  • Wide range of courses taught by experts with extensive hands-on experience
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audius | LinkedIn Learning
LinkedIn Learning
Strategic training of our employees via LinkedIn

The wide-ranging online training program on LinkedIn Learning complements our on-site training courses. This enables every employee to participate in individual and task-specific training. After all, it is not only the individual employees themselves who benefit from this profound increase in knowledge, but also, we as a company.

Discover how LinkedIn Learning is used at audius.

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