How you benefit from the audius Facility Service Desk

Better service
Outstanding quality of service is ensured thanks to audius' many years of experience, vast methodological expertise and adoption of best practices.
Satisfied users
Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge management, highly trained service staff and single point of contact, we are able to achieve a high first contact resolution rate and provide a reliable service.
Fewer and shorter disruptions
Thanks to transparency, best practices and continuous improvement, we are able to ensure a rapid response and problem resolution and thus smooth-running operations.
Economic benefits and cost transparency
You avoid having to make large investments in areas that do not make a direct contribution to value creation.
Custom-fit solution and flexibility
You get exactly the service you currently need and have the flexibility to make changes at any time.
Optimization in purchasing thanks to transparency
Pooling all incidents allows you to pinpoint actual demand and therefore purchase at a lower price.
Better evaluation of service providers and material
Selecting particularly efficient service providers and less problem-prone materials and products helps you to reduce effort, costs and downtime.
Freeing up resources and focus on core business
Outsourcing the facility service desk frees up resources and you can focus both staff and attention on your core business.
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Product information

A central point of contact for facility service

The audius Facility Service Desk is a central point of contact for all disruptions, requests and orders in plants and buildings. We will ensure the smooth running of your plant sites and buildings with top levels of efficiency and quality of service. This includes operating the building automation system, collecting, analyzing and handling incidents plus supervising external service provides in building automation, administration, energy and media supply, disposal and cleaning as well as all other relevant services.


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What makes audius Facility Service Desk different from other services
The audius Facility Service Desk provides a unique combination of specialist and organizational expertise based on total customer focus.
  • We have around 20 years of experience in running our Facility Service Desk for numerous companies and organizations in Germany.
  • And we are able to handle huge volumes. Our teams currently process over 500,000 incidents a year.
  • We have adapted the acclaimed ITIL process model from IT service to facility service, thus providing reliable processes, detailed benchmarks and best practices.
  • We embody the principle "service is human" – with highly trained service staff at five locations across Germany, who combine a professional with a human approach.
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Many customers from a wide range of industries already count on audius for facility services. We will be happy to provide you with further references and sample projects in a personal meeting.

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Facility Service Desk Produktion | audius
Facility Service Desk in the automotive industry

For around 20 years now, we have been providing the central Facility Service Desk for building operations, plant service and building automation systems at six plant sites and for more than 90,000 employees at a leading German automotive manufacturer. We record and manage approximately 1,000 incidents in 7x24-hour operation on a daily basis.

Facility Service Desk Wohnen | audius
Facility Service Desk in the housing sector

We have provided a central Facility Service Desk for building operations for a temporary housing complex with more than 400 units. Our service covers electrical, heating and sanitary systems as well as Wi-Fi and the locking system. This provides tenants with a centralized service that ensures rapid resolution when problems arise.



Unsere Experten freuen sich auf ein persönliches Gespräch

Sprechen Sie mit uns über die Auslagerung des Facility Service Desk an audius. Gerne zeigen wir Ihnen Ihre individuellen Potenziale für eine verbesserte Servicequalität und deutliche Kosteneinsparungen in einem ganzheitlichen Ansatz auf – von der Service-Strategie bis zur Service-Operation.


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