As humans, we are constantly thinking, speaking, remembering, and analyzing – confident in the knowledge that our brains are working properly. Your data center is the “brain” of your company, and the experts at audius ensure that it runs smoothly so that you can concentrate on managing the company. Generally speaking, the data center is both a critical success factor and a major challenge for companies. Smooth, flawless data center operation must be guaranteed at all times. Service desk, workplace management, cloud management, data security, and hardware configuration are just some of the activities required to ensure the reliable operation of your business processes. With the Managed Datacenter service from audius, you will get the performance you expect from your high-availability data center.


Guaranteed high availability and reliability when operating your data center
Greater transparency through detailed documentation and reporting
Optimization and acceleration of implemented services
Individualized service levels defined and agreed in advance
Complete cost transparency through monthly billing or flat fee


We build a strong data center infrastructure for you

audius Managed Services for Datacenter enable you to optimize your implemented services and ensure that your processes run smoothly.

Support for the datacenter infrastructure

Whether you want to build a completely new data center infrastructure or improve the services that are already implemented, we’ll make sure that your high-availability data center delivers the performance you expect. The infrastructure of your customer-based data center and your daily business operations rely on flexibility, performance, convergence, and security. At audius, we are there for you – from design and integration through to proactive operation of your hybrid and heterogeneous environment with efficient database management. We take care of infrastructure monitoring, backup and restore processes, upgrades and updates, cloud security, user administration, and a system check of the environment performance data. With our Managed Datacenter services, we ensure that your business processes run smoothly so that you can devote your full attention to optimizing your business performance.

Improve implemented services with audius Managed Services for datacenter

audius Managed Services for Data Center ensure that your highly available data center delivers the performance you expect. Managed Services comprise all the data center services that are required to ensure and maintain the operation of business processes: infrastructure monitoring, backup and restore, upgrade and update, user administration as well as a system check of the infrastructure performance data. 
The service can be expanded to multiple platforms at any time. With audius Managed Services for Data Center, therefore, your future business success is assured.

The services can be expanded to multiple platforms at any time. 

audius services in the Managed Datacenter


  • Server, storage, network 
  • Virtualization (VMWare, Citrix etc.) 
  • Updates, upgrades, patches 
  • Configuration management 
  • Remote / in-house support 
  • Consult, design, build 


  • Backup & restore
  • Database management
  • Disaster recovery


  • E-mail
  • Identity & access management
  • Database management
  • Intrusion, detection & prevention
  • VPN & firewall services

Service Management

  • 24/7 business process monitoring 
  • Continuous optimization as part of CIP, e.g. automation 
  • Security incident reporting 
  • Provision of services in accordance with ITIL
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