When we want to feel safe and secure from intruders, we lock our front door and switch on the alarm. When it comes to your company, the Managed Network & Security service from audius gives you all the security you need. With this service, we assist you with all issues relating to networks and security.
The Managed Services for Network & Security offer comprehensive solutions that are tailored to the needs of your company. All your organization’s business processes and data are secured around the clock with the help of a stable, highly available network, so that you can concentrate on optimizing the performance of your company.


Greater security through process automation
Faster request and change processing
Immediate response to security incidents
Cost-effective use of IT infrastructure through consolidation of the existing network
Avoidance of redundancy through configuration of the existing network


Security management for all your network and security issues

audius Managed Services for Network & Security guarantee a stable business environment.

Support in all aspects of network and security

Fully reliable company processes are the foundation of a successful business. A rapid response to security incidents, fast processing of requests and changes, and a stable, properly functioning network infrastructure are all essential. Your IT can’t function properly without a stable network. 

The services can be expanded at any time to meet the needs of your company.

A stable environment with audius Managed Services for Network & Security

audius Managed Services for network and security ensure the high availability and efficient operation of your network topology. All LAN, WAN, SAN, and WLAN technology is monitored and controlled in line with the specific IT requirements of your company. The services provide 24/7 protection for interactions between different network components such as routers, access points, and firewall systems. They also include incident and request handling for business-critical network infrastructures as well as first and second-level support, including escalation to manufacturers.

Our services


  • ITIL based, best in class, tailored to individual requirements 
  • Network and security topology-focused processes 
  • Holistic operation and design, from backbone to access point 


  • Support for all leading network and firewall manufacturers: Cisco, Fortinet, HP, Sophos, Checkpoint, Palo Alto 
  • WAN, LAN, SAN, WLAN technologies

Care & Culture

  • Dedicated/shared desk 
  • IAM & DDI management 
  • Intrusion detection & prevention 

Service Management

  • Process monitoring 
  • Service times up to 24/7 
  • Reporting of defined SLAs 
  • Continuous optimization as part of CIP, e.g. automation 
  • Provision of services in accordance with ITIL
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