The combination of CRM and ERP systems allows a seamless user experience with continuous business processes, interface-free database and uniformed user interface.
Clear streamlined processes within all areas of the company
Management, Sales, Service, Production, Purchasing, Warehousing and Logistics: all internal process chains within the company interlock directly. There are no redundant datas and processes.
Modular structure for Enterprise Resource Planning
The combination of individual software components of ERP systems is precisely tailored to the specific needs of the respective company.
Ongoing further development through best practice
The industry solutions for production and trade with CRM and ERP components are built on the basis of Dynamics 365. Continuously added best practice processes mean more efficiency.
Versatile interfaces and connectors
audius:CRM+ERP enables connections to a wide range of software of the Microsoft technology stack. It allows the integration of service processes, BI or marketing automation as well as a connection of third-party business solutions.
SUse the development phase for entrepreneurial advantages!
The successive implementation of the software components for ERP and CRM through agile project management immediately creates entrepreneurial advantages through rapid added value and high user acceptance.

Product information

audius | audius CRM+ERP
CRM and ERP in one solution

Software packages for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) are often independent systems in companies, but the processes should by no means be viewed isolated. After all, customer orientation and customer needs apply at all times and everywhere within a company.

The audius:CRM+ERP industry solution expands Dynamics 365 Sales and includes relevant processes in all business areas: it enables an entire company to use common software across all departments.

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audius | audius CRM+ERP

For this purpose, audius applies with audius:CRM+ERP the development strategy holistically and combines the functions for sales, marketing, customer service, manufacturing, purchasing, warehouse and distribution in a modular way.

With this solution, customers acquire the components for CRM and ERP only, which they require for business processes within their company: Sales and consistent customer orientation go then hand in hand with manufacturing, resource planning and management, warehouse and inventory management as well as delivery to an end customer.

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audius:CRM+ERP – the basis with industry-specific business processes

Dynamics 365 Sales and audius:CRM+ERP form the first well-founded variant of the ERP system. The industry-specific business processes for sales, order processing, invoicing and marketing are best practice for the manufacturing and retail sectors.

The scope of application include sales opportunity qualifications, quotations, order processing, price and discount calculation, industry-specific product management and the creating of delivery notes - the basis for invoicing.

Products and services are invoiced individually for each order or automatically with recurring flat rates.

Intercompany processes are mappable in both - order processing and invoicing!

This basic industry solution of CRM and ERP can be extended by the following modules, for each individual company according to its business model:


audius:Manufacturing - Expanding component for production control

audius:Manufacturing processes production data and orders, for the manufacturing of products. The software solution ensures the best possible capacity utilisation as well as the dispatching of orders for production processes.

In addition to generating parts lists, routings, data for CNC controls and drawings, the range of services offered by audius:Manufacturing includes stock reservation for products and assemblies.

The material is provided and the production message transmitted to the workstations. Manufacturing ends with the ‚finished status‘.


audius:Purchase - Expanding component for purchasing

In addition to supplier and product management, audius:Purchase includes two further modules: Ordering and inventory management. The intercompany process across several locations is a central function of the extension to the basic features of CRM and ERP systems.

Order processing handles the order proposals, monitors the orders and processes the receipts. The ordering of the material is carried out with the help of the software on an order-related, demand- or consumption-oriented basis, taking into account minimum stocks, seasonal fluctuations and replenished periods.

Orders are placed with suppliers, taking into account product characteristics and units, delivery- calendars, order blocks or framework agreements.

Inventory management processes the receipts, issues goods and provides the material availability for production. In this process, stock levels and inventory are managed across several warehouses and locations.


audius:Planning - Expanding components for disposition

audius:Planning controls the demand capacity management for production, warehouse and purchasing on the basis of production data. The extension to audius:CRM+ERP ensures the value chain and prevents supply shortage.

Central to this is checking the availability for resources and materials at the right times. audius:Planning resolves scheduling and material conflicts, with reservations and calculation of order proposals. For this purpose, the software is using the production data and determines order-specific parts lists and working plans for assemblies.

The purchasing department or audius:Purchase is using the calculation of the order proposal as a procurement.


audius:Delivery - Expanding components for commissioning

Commissioning, outsorcing, packing: audius:Delivery handles dispatch control, route planning and creating delivery notes in one go. The commissioning is happening order related - as soon as the product inspection, packaging and dispatching have been completed, the module will trigger the invoicing.

On requirement, an interface to the forwarding shipping company integrates the logistics partner in the processes or it can map the drop shipment.

Dynamics Add-ons

Dynamics Add-ons - Features to increase efficiency

Our goal is to achieve maximum efficiency for users with as few clicks as possible.

This is why we are constantly developing features to improve everyday work processes with Dynamics 365 and industry solutions such as audius:CRM+ERP.

Over the years, this has resulted in a collection of add-ons which complement our existing software solutions across all sectors.



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