Comprehensive solution combining ERP and CRM
The combination of both systems allows a seamless user experience with end-to-end business processing, an integrated database and a uniform user interface.
Based on Dynamics 365
Access the familiar standard Microsoft features and enjoy a 360-degree view of your customers.
Ongoing development
We continually develop our industry solutions on base of the latest best practices.
Fair licensing model
You only pay for the modules of our industry solution which are actually needed.
Product information
audius | audius CRM+ERP

In addition to a qualifying process for sales opportunities, company-wide quotation and order processing includes industry-specific product management, price and discount calculation as well as creating delivery notes.

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audius | audius CRM+ERP

With order billing, users can invoice recurring flat charges automatically, create individual invoices, and conduct intercompany billing between independent national subsidiaries. 

audius:CRM+ERP enhances the standard marketing functions available in Dynamics 365 Sales.

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Function overview


Customer data management

  • Companies, contacts: prospective customers, partners, suppliers, competitors

Sales opportunities

  • Characteristics to evaluate sales opportunities and sales potential
  • Business process flow and sales processes to qualify leads and opportunities

Quotation and order processing

  • End-to-end quotation, order and invoicing process
  • Price calculation according to price list, value and quantity
  • Quantity-based, product group-based, customer group-based and custom discounts – as a percentage or amount. Discounts can be of unlimited or limited duration
  • VAT calculation, payment terms, delivery terms, document texts
  • Alternative items for optional products
  • Document creation in customer language
  • Creating delivery notes

Industry-specific product management

  • Interface with relevant input fields for production and commerce


Outgoing invoices

  • Invoices, partial invoices, and collective invoices
  • Credit memos
  • Periodic order settlement for rent, service, maintenance 
  • Invoice quantities from working hours
  • Different billing addresses

Payments and interfaces

  • Payments and partial payments
  • Optional interfaces: SEPA, DATEV, BMD


  • Contact data management for marketing support
    (Opt-in/out, contact blocks, communication channels)
  • Customer segmentation with lists of characteristics, customer and product groups, customer roles, product interest
  • Customer reference management
  • Campaign management and revenue
  • Features for the implementation of GDPR requirements

A range of add-ons allow the industry solution of production and commerce to be customized and to meet the respective requirements of a company.

Add-on component for production control

audius:Manufacturing controls the production of manufacturing data and orders products. This includes the best possible capacity utilization as well as a dispatching orders for the production process.

Alongside the generation of bills for materials, routings, data for CNC controls and CAD drawings, the add-on also supports warehouse reservation for products and assemblies.

Function overview:


  • Determination of components using bills of material and routings
  • Distinction between procurement and production assemblies
  • Prefabrication of assemblies
  • Reservation via order proposal

Production messages

  • Paperless production with reporting stations – provision of information on screen directly at the workstation in production
  • Status feedback with barcodes
  • Employee briefings on work steps and worklist

Ready message

  • Completion of the production process and entry of the finished quantity
  • Assignment of production quantity that is ready for delivery to the sales order
Add-on component for purchasing

This add-on module offers supplier and product management plus two additional components: order management and inventory control. 

Order management is used for the processing of proposals, purchase order monitoring, and the processing of all receipts. Inventory control has an overview of different intercompany locations and allows stock withdrawal for production orders.

Function overview:

Order processing

  • Basis: product master data
  • Order-related material: general order proposal
  • Demand-based material: order proposal in event of future 
shortfall below minimum stock level
  • Consumption-based material: Physical stock currently falls below minimum stock level
  • Purchase order taking into account replenishment lead time
  • Consideration of seasonal demand quantities
  • Merging of order proposal items in purchase orders, either manually or automatically according to supplier
  • Transmission of purchase order to supplier
  • Management of A/P invoices and supplier invoices
  • Finishing of procured goods

Supplier management

  •  Assignment of suppliers to the product with article number and 
designation, minimum order quantity, procurement prices, 
 Packaging units
  •  Delivery calendar 
  •  Order blocks
  •  Master agreements

Inventory control

  •  Posting of incoming orders/goods receipt 
  •  Material staging of production order
  •  Multi-warehouse processing and material requirements planning across multiple warehouses
  •  Product-based and storage location-based inventory control: 
 stock movements show inbound deliveries, production withdrawals
  •  Manual additions and disposals for inventory adjustment postings, 
 Breakage, loss
  •  Batch management
  •  Inventory and inventory valuation (FiFo, LiFo, average)
Add-on component for material requirement planning

audius:Planning controls demand capacity management based on production data for manufacturing, warehousing, and purchasing, safeguards the value chain and prevents supply bottlenecks.

In addition, the module maps assembly processing and the calculation of order proposals.

Function overview:

Material and resources

  • Schedule and material conflict checks
  • Consideration of the desired delivery date 
  • Reservation of production capacities
  • Definition of capacity points including schedule (weekly/daily schedules)
  • Lead times and buffer times
  • Check for maximum release per order

Resource checks

  • Consideration of delivery calendars, supplier calendars, tour dates
  • Lead time, conflict time checks
  • Check for same end dates of products of the same order
  • Fixed date orders
  • Resource reservation

Material control

  • Basis: bill of material records and calculated provision date
  • Consideration of stock information and supplier calendars
  • Material control for stock parts – stock quantity, 
Reservation quantity, order quantity
  • Material reservation

Assembly processing

  • Differentiation between made-to-order assemblies, fabrication assemblies, and prefabrication assemblies
  • Determination of assemblies via parameters – bills of materials and routings 

Order proposal calculation

  • For purchasing or UniPRO/Purchase 
  • Order-related order proposals
  • Order proposals for assemblies
  • Demand-based order proposals
  • Consumption-based order proposals
  • Difference between gross material requirements, stock quantity, minimum stock quantity
  • Scheduling of seasonal quantities with minimum quantities and material availability date
Add-on component for picking

Picking, removal, packing: This module supports straightforward shipping control, route planning and delivery note creation.

If required, we can also provide an interface with freight forwarders.

Functions overview:

  • Order-related picking
  • Management of produced quantities as quantities ready for delivery 
  • Product checking followed by packing and shipping
  • Triggering of invoicing after shipment
  • Route planning – assignment of finished orders to shipping routes, delivery dates, vehicles
  • Generation of delivery notes with manual or barcode-based closing
Features to increase efficiency
Our goal is to achieve maximum efficiency for our users, with as few clicks as possible.

This is why we are constantly developing more features to improve day-to-day workflows with Dynamics 365 and audius:solutions. Over the years, this has led to the development of a number of add-ons that usefully complement our existing software solutions across all industries.

Here are some examples:
  • Interfaces from Dynamics 365 to DATEV, SEPA and Agenda Fibu
  • Automated document processing and document creation
  • Product and quotation configurator
  • Address validation
  • Storage saver

For added customer satisfaction:
This page provides more information about all audius add-ons.