Tailored to your needs
Unlike a standard solution, our industry-specific apps meet the specific business software requirements in individual sectors.
Dynamics 365 provides a powerful basis
The apps are based on Dynamics 365 and take advantage of its extensive standard functions, giving a 360-degree view of your customers.
Deployment in the cloud and on premise
All audius solutions can be easily integrated into your existing or desired Microsoft product world.
Industry-specific business software.

Developed specifically for training, this solution has three main target groups:

  • Educational institutions – for handling their business processes 
  • Companies which offer internal training 
  • Manufacturers which provide training on supplied equipment to employees of the customer

The industry solution maps the entire cycle: from seminar and curriculum design to customer management, marketing, deployment planning, and implementation through to graduation with certifications, evaluation, and invoicing. Focus areas include management of participants and the organization of instructors.

Functions overview:

Seminar planning

  • Each seminar must be managed individually. Templates are available to repeat courses. 
  • The various learning modules are summarized in a timetable which not only include learning objectives and instructors, but also the venue and room or specific schedule.
  • The seminar calendar provides information about current and future seminars.

Management of participants

Management of participants

  • Simple marketing management makes it easy to engage with participants, facilitating targeted marketing campaigns and customer segmentation.
  • Registration is available via the the website of the organizer. For the seminars, all registered parties are displayed in the list of participants. For individuals, registrations are displayed next to the training courses already attended. 
  • In audius:Seminar, users can generate invitations, attendance certificates, printed certificates and evaluation or feedback forms for course evaluation.
  • A participant’s grade and evaluations of the instructor or course are stored with their details in the system.
  • Participants train as individuals or as employees. audius:Seminar supports billing for individuals or companies with payment plans or collective invoices.


Instructor management

  • Instructors have their own access with exclusive access permissions.
  • Teaching authorizations are entered on the basis of qualifications or internal training measures
  • Assignment to specific subjects or subject areas
  • Updating or adjustment of teaching authorizations to changing requirements
  • Integrated fee accounting for instructors

Resource management

  • Training rooms, venues, and their equipment are managed as resources and assigned to the individual events.
  • These can be internal or external premises of an educational institution, event location, or hotel
  • With hotels, the organization of hotel room allocations for guests or parking spaces also fall into this category.



Billing is created individually or in one entire billing run for all seminar participants.


The business software for planning and administration of events, functions, and shows.

Supporting design and marketing, resource booking as well as optimum capacity utilization, this industry solution is particularly useful for:

  • Congress centers
  • Event organizers 
  • Theme parks 
  • Cultural institutions
  • Companies with visitor centers 

audius:Event can be used to design individual services or attractions, manage participants, and for invoicing.

Function overview:

Design of individual services or attractions

  • Each event, regardless of size or scope, must be defined in detail in audius:Event: start, end, event type, number, contact person, web publication, planning figures.
  • Each event is linked to its associated activities, documents, attractions, attendees, resources, marketing campaigns, or assessments.
  • Activity management ensures smooth processes in planning and execution 


  • Targeted engagement with potential participants through dialog marketing

Complex resource management

  • Resources include people/teams, premises/buildings, equipment/devices
  • Selection of resources according to characteristics or capabilities.
  • No exceeding of capacity and checks to prevent double booking
  • Booking and reservation of attractions based on up-to-date availability information
  • Use of rules for reservation of the resources required for the event
  • Use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation for resource planning, including skill management and schedule overviews

Targeted customer management

  • Management of individual and company data for event participants, suppliers, service providers
  • Use of customer data for
    Quotation, order, invoice
    ○ Simple marketing campaigns and segmentation
    ○ Management of participants (invitations, registrations, participant waiting lists, confirmation of participation)
    Feedback: Obtain feedback of the events and draw conclusions
    Customer retention – encourage returning business
  • Map employees and their skills in the CRM system and use them for resource deployment


  • Billing is per event, either via orders or connected ticketing to companies or individuals.
  • Prices indicated include discounts and rebates, including collective, partial and final invoices. Services and costs can be billed. 
Membership management is a special type of B2C and can therefore only be mapped to a limited extent with conventional business software.

audius:Club can be used to manage personal data of members, sponsors, or partners of:

  • Institutions
  • Organizations
  • Associations

The focus is not on sales or distribution, it's rather on professional and social networking at the heart of business processes – with the aim of keeping people engaged and invested in an organization over long term. The audius industry solution helps to ensure a professional service for members, sponsors and partners which keeps it loyal to the organization in question.

Function overview:

Data management and member retention

  • Natural and legal persons can be members, supporters, sponsors, special guests, nominees, graduates, or participants at the same time
  • Use of customer history to encourage loyalty of individuals, organizations, and sponsors
  • Mapping of careers or business networks as relevant for the organization
  • Show private and professional networks of relationships: responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Identify and connect with optimal partners for your association, federation, or foundation within the network and encourage loyalty

Specific master data, business processes

  • Master data such as length of membership, categories of membership, membership in special groups, awards and honors, amount and sponsorship fees
  • Maintenance in defined processes and forms, management of complete business processes with Dynamics 365 Sales and audius:Club

Events and fundraising

  • Honors and awards for members of merit
  • Sponsorship management and administration of sponsorship contributions (cash and in-kind donations)

Marketing and PR

Use of existing tools in Dynamics 365 Sales for campaigns, campaign activities, marketing lists:  

  • direct communication by mass mailing, e-mailouts, or telephone activities
  • Segmentation of relevant target groups in marketing lists and documentation of communication channels (opt-in/opt-out)
  • Active distribution list maintenance and use for spontaneous campaigns
  • Mapping of media and media data. PR mailings
  • Use of Outlook link for E-mails
  • Storage of media publications by/about a person 

Member support and retention scenarios

  • Transmission of programs, invitations and various cover letters
  • Invitations to the annual general meeting or fundraising events
  • Sending payment slips for membership fees or donation confirmations
  • Issuance and mailing of membership cards

Periodic order settlement

  • Periodic order settlement invoices membership and support fees on the due date
  • Mass data processing – hundreds of membership fees are invoiced and prepared, ready to be emailed automatically
  • Different periods supported – monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly payments or memberships

Report management

  • Automated sending of documents by e-mail or paper printouts
  • Document saving in the document management system when using Microsoft SharePoint 
  • Use for different documents – quotation, invoice, membership fee, membership card etc.
  • Documentation of accounting as member activity