Tailored to the needs of education and event sectors
Unlike the standard solution, the sector-specific apps meet the specific requirements of the individual sectors for business software
Business software for internal and external training
The participants of seminars and events don‘t have to be external: Companies coordinate further training of their own employees or manufacturers train their own customers on sold machines
Customer orientation and industry-specific business processes
audius solutions match the advantages of a CRM system within customer orientation and the workflow of event organisers
Versatile interfaces and connectors
audius solutions enable links to other software from the Microsoft technology stack. The use of Microsoft/Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint or Portals, offers additional value to the day-to-day work for event organisers
Portal access for lecturers, guides, trainers or members
Designed access to audius solutions are possible from the outside. Portals provide access to information which are relevant to collaborate
Ongoing development through best practices
The digital industry solutions for education and events are built on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Constantly adding best practice processes, means more efficiency


Seminar management for training and further education institutions

audius:Seminar has been especially developed for training and further education, as educational institutions often do not find themselves in business processes within business software. Even if participants of events are actually customers and lecturers, they do prefer software with a sector-specific character. 

audius:Seminar is a uniformed system of all divisions for education and training institutions. It is made for planning and administration of events, seminars and training courses. The digital industry solution for education and learning, supports the implementation of a large number of seminars with large numbers of participants, as well as compact seminars or individual lectures. There are two main areas of application: training providers use audius:Seminar for the digital handling of their business processes whilst companies with internal education programmes promote the know-how of their employees.

The functional scope of the solution ranges, starting from management of master data and resources to the planning (for instance administration of seminars and timetables), to the billing of services. The focus of the process lies on participation management as well as the organisation of teaching.

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audius:Event for event management

The audius:Event solution is aimed at event organisers who primarily coordinate a large number of events and participants. These would include congress centres, event managers, amusement parks or cultural institutions with different types of events - such as celebrations, meetings, conventions, trade fairs, shows or other attractions. Companies with own worlds of adventure choose audius:Event to complement their own CRM system.  

audius:Event is reducing organisational effort and guiding event managers through their daily work. The daily work ranges from conception and implementation of individual services to attraction over their utilisation and invoicing. Events and functions have to be planned, marketed, resourced, booked and capacities have to be optimally used. 

The focus is on administrating participants and resourcing management. Visitors – of small groups  to mass events, require intensive support – they want to be looked after for an inspiring service experience. It includes registrations, quotations and invoicing as well as simple campaign management. 

This is contrasted with utilisation of resources, especially with parallel running attractions. Capacity shortages or insufficient workload can be recognised and controlled in time.

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Membership management for institutions, organisations, associations

Institutioins, organisations or associations have their own requirements for a digital business solution. They primarily manage personal data - i.e. members, sponsors or partners. audius:Club is the solution that focuses on professional and social networking

audius extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales to include the members of organisations. For example, universities manage their alumni and sponsors or associations, societies and foundations their members. 
The processes within the digital system start with a collection of personal data, their relation and bindings to the organisation and don’t end with the invoicing of memberships or support contributions. Much lies in between: simple campaign management, member retention, the providing of important information and, last but not least, compliance within data protection requirements.

The focus of CRM processes does not lie on distribution or sales, the focus lies on long-term and intensive bonding of people towards the organisation. For example, supporters and sponsors, whose network of relationships can be shown with hierarchies or connections. Particularly supporters and long-standing members deserve awards and honours for their services. Practical services: Their complete history is digitally shown in the CRM system

A special technical feature of audius:Club is the periodic invoicing of contributions. It is settled for the members, at the push of a button, when invoices are due and scheduled for the next due date.

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Dynamics Add-ons

Our goal is to achieve maximum efficiency for users with as few clicks as possible. That's why we are constantly developing more features to improve day-to-day work processes with Dynamics 365 and industry solutions for education and events.

Over the years, this has resulted in a collection of add-ons that usefully complement our existing software solutions across all sectors.



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