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Product information
audius | audius Finance
is our solution to support the industry-specific business processes of financial service providers.

It facilitates specific contact management for clients as well as the administration of employees and consultants. Roles and rights can be assigned individually.

Industry-specific business processes can be evaluated via customizable dashboards and analyses. Through the use of standard marketing functions, customer communication and retention are directly from the system.


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Customer data management

  • Companies and contacts can be legal entities or natural persons
  • Entry form for financial service providers and for selected modules (Asset Management, Investment, Insurance, Real Estate)
  • Mapping of families, connections between contacts, and personal characteristics
  • Activity management and histories

Roles and rights

  • Business processes which are based on roles and tasks of the employees and consultants
  • Access to data records based on defined permissions

Employees and consultants

  • Use of mobile devices
  • Optional enhancement: access via portal

Dashboards and analyses

  • Standard dashboards which can be customized to suit companies needs
  • Dedicated dashboards based on role, employee task, consultancy
  • Users independently design analysis situations: Base for daily decisions, key figures to display results

Standard marketing functions

  • Mail merge, sample letters
  • Straightforward campaign management and e-mailing
  • Customer segmentation and marketing lists

The following modules can be added to the basic industry solution in line with your business model:

Add-on for asset management

This add-on includes industry-specific business processes which are important for asset management, such as acquisition processes as well as mandate and contract management. The AssetManagement module also supports the administration and analysis of the development for the invested asset in accordance with applicable MiFID directive. It creates an interface to account-holding banks and regulates fee accounting and reporting.

Function overview:

Customer acquisition and acquisition process

  • Establish, strengthen, and develop relationships with clients to qualify them for potential contract conclusions
  • Customer meetings in accordance with the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG), documentation using WpHG forms

Contract management and processing

  • Management of the consulting service
  • Key points for the management of assets
  • Fee agreement
  • Fee accounting rules
  • Portfolio and transaction data, portfolio history
  • Interfaces to account-holding banks

Fee accounting

  • Automatic creation of fee statement based on fee agreements
  • Incorporation of performance calculation
  • Fee types:
    ○ Basic fee
    ○ Performance fee
    ○ Administrator fee

Asset overview report

  • Evaluation of contract data
  • Inclusion of a large number of data sets (e.g. performance since start of year/account opening, securities account balance at reporting date, asset allocation at reporting date)

Add-on modules

  • audius:Transaction for automated importing of position and transaction data from the account-holding bank
  • audius:Commission for commission and bonus accounting
Add-on for development and sale of investment products

audius:Investment maps industry-specific business processes for the development and sale of investment products. Customers can be acquired via acquisition in accordance with the German Investment Services Conduct of Business and Organization Regulation (WpDVerOV). Application and contract management is possible for institutional and private investors, as well as industry-specific product management and the regulation of disbursements and transactions.

Function overview:

Customer acquisition and the acquisition process

  • Establish, strengthen, and develop relationships with clients to qualify them for potential contract conclusions
  • Activity management and control processes
  • Protocol for investment advice in accordance with the WpDVerOV

Investment product management

  • Master data (investment type, product class, product provider, etc.) also as descriptions for reports, prospects
  • Payment plans

Contract management

  • Contract with multiple contractual positions
  • Assignment of sales partners
  • Management of risk classes and calculation of risk ratios
  • Incorporation of tax law and premiums for the funds 


Stored for the product and proportionate allocation to shareholders

Add-on modules

  • audius:Transaction for automated importing of position and transaction data from the account-holding bank
  • audius:Commission for commission and bonus accounting
Add-on for insurance brokers

audius:Insurance supplements Dynamics 365 with additional business processes tailored to everyday work of insurance brokers. This industry solution offers complete application and contract management and supports the processing of service requests and damage/loss reports. It offers integrated commission accounting for brokers and consultants based on commission as well as defined calculation rules. The acquisition process includes an inventory recording and is compliant with the EU Insurance Mediation Directive.

Function overview:

Acquisition process

  • Based on EU Mediation Directive
  • Extensive policyholder mapping
  • Transfer of existing insurance contracts to customer inventory
  • Identification of insured risks and potentially realizable commission amounts

Application and contract data management

  • Submission of applications to insurers and withdrawal of accepted contracts
  • Management of insurance products and services, including details on commission accounting in contract positions

Commission accounting

  • Calculation using contract positions for brokers, consultants, structured sales organizations
  • Based on commission and defined calculation rules
  • Commission allocation
  • Commission preview, accounting and generating invoices

Service requests

  • Entry of customer inquiries about services and contracts, as well as complaints and damage/loss reports
  • Grouping of all customer service requests
  • Use of knowledge base

Damage/loss reporting

  • Primarily for property insurance
  • Transmission of request to insurer as a damage/loss report
  • Activity management until closure of damage/loss report
Add-on for real estate development, sales, and management

This industry solution covers business processes for real estate agents and developers, mapping the areas of project development, construction, sales and leasing. The add-on module for Dynmics 365 supports searches for plots of lands and real estate valuations using the DCF method. It also includes further essential processes, such as property purchasing, construction planning, cost estimates, profitability calculations and the management of contractual details for plots of lands and construction projects.

Function overview:

Property and land management

  • Basic details
  • Valuation using the discounted cash flow (DCF) method and German income approach 

Project development

Acquisition phase: from the initial idea through the specification of large construction projects, including conception, entrepreneurial decisions and preparation of the construction phase

Construction planning and execution

  • Cooperation with architects, builders
  • Communication with investors and potential buyers
  • Bids, building costs by property and trade
  • Activity management

Rental and sales

  • Administration of commercial or rental units
  • Management of rental and purchase contracts, automated creation of rental invoices

Add-on modules

Interface to real estate portal Immobilienscout24