Customer orientation and industry-specific business processes
audius:Finance combines customer relationship management (CRM) and the processes, dashboards, and analyses of financial service providers in a single solution: end-to-end business processes, integrated database, and a uniform user interface.
Modular structure
For every area of focus there is a dedicated software component. Combined as needed, audius:Finance modules meet the specific requirements of financial service providers.
Fair licensing model
audius:Finance is the platform. Asset Management, Investment, Insurance, and Real Estate are the specific add-ons. Our customers only use and pay for what they actually need.
Versatile interfaces and connectors
are compatible with a wide variety of other software from the Microsoft technology stack, permitting the integration of service processes, BI, or marketing. There are also interfaces for importing bank data, financial accounting and real estate portals.
Continual improvements thanks to best practices
Industry-specific solutions for financial service providers based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. The continual addition of new best practice processes brings efficiency gains.
Business benefits even during the development phase
Agile project management, which enables the successive implementation of software components, brings immediate benefits to companies through rapid value creation and high user acceptance.

Product information

audius | audius Finance
Industry-specific customer management and business processes developed specifically for financial service providers.

audius:Finance combines customer relationship management (CRM) and the industry-specific requirements of financial service providers in a single solution. Financial service providers therefore receive much more than a professional CRM system. The end-to-end business processes, integrated database, and uniform user interface result from precisely this combination of audius:Finance, its modules and Dynamics 365 Sales and other Microsoft IT infrastructure, such as Microsoft 365 or SharePoint. 

Above all, its versatile extensibility through additional industry components makes audius:Finance the perfect-fit software solution for financial companies. There are a total of 4 add-on components for the solution platform, which companies can select according to their individual areas of focus, as well as interfaces to real estate portals and for importing bank data. You start with the solution platform. The add-on modules can then be added as required, right up to the all-in-one solution.

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audius:Finance – The Solution Platform

audius:Finance is the underlying platform for all industry-specific business processes, dashboards, and analyses. This is also where the administration of clients, consultants, and employees takes place. 

Companies and contacts are entered on the CRM system using data entry forms specially designed for financial service providers. This client management enables the mapping of families, connections between the contacts, and personal characteristics. The interactions of this mapped network of customers, contacts, employees, and consultants are then coordinated and documented as activities. 

The business processes support role-based working with defined rights for employees and consultants at the company. audius:Finance actively supports mobile working, either through the use of mobile devices or via a portal. However, it is not only financial service advisors out in the field who benefit from the customizable dashboards and analyses for a quick overview of their customers, specific tasks, and developments. 

The audius:Finance solution platform for financial service providers can be expanded to include software modules for asset management, insurance brokers, the development and sale of investment products, and real estate. 


Component for Asset Management

This software component adds business processes for asset management with a focus on the acquisition process as well as mandate and contract management. The starting point is acquisition, winning new clients, always in compliance with the MiFID Directive. This involves countless personal activities and legal requirements, such as offer preparation, the filling out of WpHG (Securities Trading Act) forms, or the assignment of powers of attorney. To qualify clients for potential contract conclusions, audius:AssetManagement offers activity management and rule processes. 

It offers extensive contract management and processing functions, including management of the consulting service, key points for the management of assets, fee accounting, portfolio and transaction data, as well as reporting on the basis of the asset overview report. 

audius:Transaction can, if required, automatically import the transaction data into audius:AssetManagement. The transfer tool transfers the current portfolio, portfolio transactions, and portfolio history from the account-holding banks and makes the data available for performance and fee accounting. 

The integrated fee accounting creates statements automatically based on fee type and agreements. On the reporting date, the software calculates the basic fees, performance fees, and administrator fees automatically and triggers invoice generation. 


Component for the Sale of Investment Products

audius:Investment is for the sale of investment products. There are also industry-specific processes for this focus area; specifically for customer acquisition, product management, contract management, and disbursements. 

Contract initiation, supported by rule processes and activity management, includes the protocol for investment advice in accordance with the Securities Services Conduct and Organization Ordinance (WpDVerOV). This is the basis for developing relationships with clients. 

Contract management is for institutional and private investors and records the investment products as well as sales partners, risk classes, and risk ratios. It is based on product and master data management in CRM, which also regulates the distribution of disbursements to shareholders. 

Useful add-ons for this component are audius:Transaction for importing position and transaction data from the account-holding banks and audius:Commission for calculating commission and fees. 


Component for Insurance Brokers

audius:Insurance offers specific processes and master data to support insurance brokers in their day-to-day work. The basis for the acquisition process is the EU Directive on insurance mediation and the customer inventory, into which the existing contracts of a policyholder are transferred: insured risks and potentially realizable commission amounts are visible. 

The component is intended for managing both application submissions and contracts because applications are submitted to the insurer and contracts may be withdrawn. audius:Insurance already includes the audius:Commission add-on for commission accounting via the contract positions for brokers, consultants, and structured sales organizations. 

A special feature of audius:Insurance is the processing of service requests and damage/loss reports via the uniform interface. This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service comes in. Customer inquiries about services and contracts, complaints, or damage reports are handled at one central location, from inquiry acceptance to activity management and reporting to the insurer right through to closure of the damage/loss report.


Component for Real Estate Development, Sales, and Management

Customer and real estate management is the perfect combination for real estate agents and project developers. audius:RealEstate is dedicated software for the development, sale, and management of real estate, building on the strengths of the CRM system: integrated customer management and the active design of business processes for real estate management as two equally important processes.  

Targeted Customer Management for Contract Conclusion

The aim is to identify the potential of prospects, existing customers, or business partners and to address buyers or tenants in a targeted manner through marketing. Architects and builders are also key target groups.

Customer management with audius:RealEstate goes above and beyond a basic CRM system by supporting the conclusion of contracts in addition to facilitating the establishment of positive customer and partner relationships and ensuring good customer management. Contracts are both managed and invoiced, including purchase prices, monthly rents, and invoices to suppliers and construction companies. 

Industry-Specific Requirements of Project Development

audius:RealEstate supports property and land development, including all involved aspects, such as building work, fittings, and details regarding the condition. It supports valuation using the discounted cash flow (DCF) method and the German income approach. These are the bases for project development, sale, or rental. 

The software conveniently accompanies project developers through the business processes in each individual phase of the real estate life cycle: from the initial idea through the specification of larger construction projects, including conception, entrepreneurial decisions, and the preparation and start of the construction phase. Integrated activity management coordinates the many real estate projects into various development phases leading to a sale or tenancy. 

On request, we can provide a connection to real estate portals.

Dynamics Add-Ons – Features to Increase Efficiency

Our goal is to achieve maximum efficiency for users with as few clicks as possible. 

Always trying to find the best possible solutions for companies, we therefore continue to develop more features to improve day-to-day workflows with Dynamics 365 and industry solutions such as audius:Finance.



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