Tailored to your needs
Unlike a standard solution, our industry-specific apps meet the specific business software requirements of individual sectors.
Dynamics 365 provides a powerful basis
The apps work on the basis of Dynamics 365 and its extensive standard functions, they provide a 360-degree view of the customers.
Best practice solutions
We continuously develop our industry-specific software solutions, always under observance of the latest operational and legal requirements.
At the cutting edge thanks to automation
Automated sales processes boost internal resources and sales success.
Deployment in the cloud and on premise
All audius solutions are easily integrated into an existing or desired Microsoft product world.
Fair licensing model
You only use and pay for what you actually need.
Product information
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With the audius industry solution,

consulting companies can complete all the necessary project management activities for their consulting services, including internal knowledge management, sales and order processing, resource deployment, activity management, milestone achievement, invoicing of services, contribution margin calculation as well as communication with the customer.

In addition to project management, IT and software providers can also use license management. Customers are supported throughout the product lifecycle – with maintenance, releases, product development or replacements.

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Funcion overview


Order processing

  • Specific quotation and order processing
  • Service orders and project business
  • Maintenance and service orders
  • Order splitting for service (project, service) and licenses (purchase, rent, maintenance)
  • Order-related time recording and billing
  • Delivery note creation
  • System partner framework
  • Complex price and discount calculation (discount matrix)
  • Sales and contribution margin calculations
  • Requirements of Central European companies:
    ○ VAT calculation
    ○ Document texts
    ○ Total price calculation
    ○ Different billing and shipping addresses
    ○ Multilingual product descriptions
    ○ Terms of payment


Billing of mass data and services

  • Periodic order settlement for rent, service, maintenance 
  • Supplier and incoming invoices
  • Invoices, partial invoices, and credit memos
  • Invoice quantities of working hours
  • Different billing addresses 
  • Payments and partial payments
  • Optional interfaces: SEPA, DATEV, BMD
  • Access to data records based on defined permissions


Support of Microsoft standard functions

  • Contact data management for marketing support
    (Opt-in/out, contact blocks, communication channels)
  • Customer segmentation with lists of characteristics, customer and product groups, customer roles, product interest
  • Customer reference management
  • Campaign management and revenue
  • Business process flows and sales processes to qualify leads and opportunities
  • Features for the implementation of GDPR requirements


Business processes for licensed products

  • Mapping of products and software projects with versions and features
  •  Quotation and order management for licensed products
  •  Storage of license details in customer inventories
  •  Software programs as a bundle or with features
  •  Version updates for maintenance contracts
  •  Management of different types of licenses 
  •  Specific price calculations by license type
  •  Billing periods for purchase, rental, maintenance licenses 
  •  Generation of license keys with external web services


Inventory details

  • Customer licenses in use and in maintenance
  • Management using orders and order items
  • Additions and disposals
  • Test deployment in context of sales opportunities
  • Deadline reminders for expiring contracts


Purchase orders and stock movements

  • Management of suppliers and assignment to products
  • Supplier invoices
  • Purchase orders and order items
  • Warehouse management – warehouses, stock levels, and stock movements
User assistance: Features to increase efficiency
We are constantly developing more features to ensure the day-to-day workflows with Dynamics 365 and audius:solutions always run as efficiently as possible.

Over the years, this has resulted in a selection of add-ons which ensure optimal user ergonomics and end-to-end business processes for all business units. These useful apps ideally complement existing cross-industry software solutions.

Here are some examples:
  • Product and quotation configurator
  • Interfaces from Dynamics 365 to DATEV, SEPA and Agenda Fibu
  • Automated document processing and document creation
  • Storage saver
  • Address validation

The aim is: As few clicks as necessary, combined with the highest possible efficiency for users!

Follow this link to view all of our add-ons designed to maximize customer satisfaction: