dashface planning board

SAP resource planning made easy…

This practical feature makes resource planning for your field employees in SAP even more transparent. It couldn’t be easier.

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Benefits dashface planning board

The dashface solution can be integrated quickly and easily into any SAP environment.

The connection over the certified interface is so seamless that all changes made in the planning board are also immediately visible in SAP – and vice versa.

Individually customizable
You decide, based on your specific requirements, which data to display on the planning board.

The view can be scaled by hours, weeks, months, or years, and your resources can be filtered by different criteria.

User friendly
You can open the web interface directly on your laptop or tablet from any standard browser.

Orders can simply be dragged and dropped into the planning board. All functions are intuitive and self-explanatory, requiring almost no training effort.

Product information dashface planning board

Plan in real time

The dashface planning board is seamlessly connected to SAP over the certified interface, meaning that any change is instantly visible to everyone: All changes in SAP are displayed immediately on the planning board – and vice versa. There’s no time wasted and everything is up to date at all times: with all changes updated and visible everywhere.

The simplest solution is also the best

Despite the tremendous effect of the new planning board, it requires minimal implementation effort. It can be integrated into the existing SAP system quickly and easily thanks to the certified interface. Thanks to the straightforward user interface, there’s no need for lengthy employee training – and you can get started right away.

Functions dashface planning board

Configurable data model
You decide which data to display
Plan by hours, weeks, months, or years
Filter resources
Access all available field employees – sorted by name, skills, or regions
Simple planning by drag & drop
Orders can also be postponed and durations adjusted on the planning board
Detailed and pop-up area
You determine which data is relevant to you
Individual views
Use filter functions to view unplanned orders, assignments by area, or appointments by country
Web interface
The planning board can be opened from any standard browser on a laptop or tablet.
Set blockers
Employees who are absent due to annual leave or training cannot be assigned on these days

SAP push service

Bringing the right information to the right people at the right time

The express solution for integrating urgently required employees or line managers into workflows: wherever they are, whatever they do – they receive a push notification, have the relevant information, and can easily and discreetly release documents or initiate processes with a simple click.

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Benefits SAP push service

Notifications can be sent directly from SAP
You contact an employee with a call to action – to release a purchase requisition or leave request for example – which is then transferred instantly back to the system.

The releases thus take effect immediately and the process can continue directly, saving time and helping to accelerate your projects.

Fast and straightforward integration in your solution
The push functionality can be integrated into your existing SAP environment using standard tools and minimal effort.

It can also be quickly and easily connected to other external data sources, such as SQL Server or WaveWare.

Runs on all devices
Stay up to date whatever device you are using: push notifications can be received on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems.

Product information SAP push service

Increase effectiveness through acceleration

The push functionality allows employees to be given the latest information quickly and easily, ensuring that all team members are up to date at all times. Sending calls to action to decision makers means that releases can be effected in seconds, which can significantly accelerate processing times.

Physically apart, yet working together

Employees at external company locations or working from home can always be reached immediately via push notification. Instead of ringing around after employees or convening another meeting, simply send a short notification and get the required confirmation with a simple click.

Functions SAP push service

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  • Notifications are received even when the app is closed 
  • Detailed views of the respective object can be displayed within the notification
  • Individual notifications can also be sent from external sources such as SAP
  • Digitized release process (fast, easy, and secure)
  • Individually configurable for different objects (including Z objects)
  • Works with iOS, Android, and Windows
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SAP equipment and system testing

The digital testing process for equipment and devices: simple, fast, and secure

Say goodbye to notes, tables, and duplication: With dashface, you have a direct connection between your test device and SAP. This means that you can search for your equipment or functional location in dashface, select the data, and save the test from your test device directly in SAP. It couldn’t be easier.

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Benefits SAP equipment and system testing

Effective + time saving = reduced cost
The fully digital process is faster and less prone to error – all data is entered immediately into SAP from where it can be processed further.

Due to the direct connection with the test device, incorrect entries can no longer occur, Excel lists and paperwork become superfluous, and no postprocessing time is required.

Extremely flexible
The dashface solution is configurable and can be optimally integrated with your processes, allowing you to test a wide variety of different equipment, devices, plant, and machinery.

And if you ever lose your network connection, you can keep working offline. Data is then synchronized later.

Easy integration
dashface device testing can be integrated within your existing SAP environment quickly and securely over the certified SAP interface.

Data can be transferred via iDocs, RFC, or middleware.

Product information SAP equipment and system testing

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Device testing with dashface couldn’t be easier

In dashface, you can manage the master data of your devices (tester, test date, test interval etc.): You can create new devices or edit existing ones. You can also use a barcode scanner to record a specific device. Once you have selected a testing device in dashface, the test data is transferred from the device automatically via USB or Bluetooth. All you have to do now is save – and you’re done!

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Functions SAP equipment and system testing

Automatic transfer of test data from device via USB or Bluetooth
Straightforward inventory by smartphone
Device testing also works offline – with later data synchronization
Testing process can be configured according to your specific requirements
Certified data exchange between SAP, dashface, and the test device


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SAP Equipment testing
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