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Weinstadt, 26.06.2024. audius SE successfully held its Annual General Meeting today, Wednesday, 26.06.2024, as an in-person event at the Waiblingen community center. 

The Chairman of the Annual General Meeting and the Management Board reported on the audius Group's very positive development in 2023 despite the ongoing geopolitical challenges. The company also reported to its shareholders in detail on further growth and the associated medium-term forecast, which predicts total output of more than EUR 115 million for 2026. 

A number of decisions relevant to the Articles of Association were on the agenda this year. Firstly, a resolution was passed to change the location of the company's Annual General Meeting. Secondly, the conversion from bearer shares to registered shares was voted on. And last but not least, the authorized capital from 2021 was cancelled and new authorized capital 2024 was created using the new legal regulations. 

The shareholders also approved the unchanged high dividend of 35 cents per share. This is the fourth time that the audius Group's dividend has been based on half of the net profit for the year as part of its sustainable and attractive dividend policy. 

The agenda items put to the vote were adopted in accordance with the management's proposal.

All relevant documents are available for inspection on our website.