Sinnwell AG tritt O-RAN ALLIANCE bei
Opening of the radio access network: Sinnwell AG is becoming a member of O-RAN ALLIANCE
19.07.2021 - 08:00 Uhr

The O-RAN ALLIANCE unites the world's leading mobile communication companies to build an international standard for radio access networks. As subsidiary of the audius Group, Sinnwell AG will use its broad know how to support the projects in the future.

The expansion of mobile communications is one of the most important infrastructure projects in Germany and Europe. To ensure the new 5G standards can be rolled out faster and more efficiently, mobile operators worldwide have joined forces with hardware and software companies in the O-RAN ALLIANCE. The alliance is committed to further development of radio access networks (RAN) and is making them more open, intelligent, interoperable and scalable than today's implementations. Through this the effectiveness, quality of mobile network and expansions is intended to improve, and to accelerate the rollout.

A radio access network (RAN) connects the end device in mobile communication networks with the core network. The RAN essentially consists of a base station, a cell tower with a radio unit and software for data exchange. In classic RAN, as installed to date, the components of the radio access network originate from one manufacturer who operates the hardware with proprietary software. This system has led to many isolated solutions which slowed down the expansion of radio access networks and further development of technology, in the past. 

To solve the problem, the O-RAN ALLIANCE is developing an open standard for radio access networks. It operates software-based and thereby has several advantages: With Open RAN, hardware and software are separated allowing future installations to be built jointly by multiple partners. For example, the first manufacturer can supply the base station, the second one the radio unit and the third one the software. This system makes the expansion of the radio access network easier to scale and carriers can respond quicker and more specific to changes in utilization.

Furthermore, the upgradeability of the system is simplified, meaning that upgrading to 6G
will be possible in the future via the software. Open RAN reduces investment and operating costs and allows flexible "Best of Breed" solutions.

Our subsidiary Sinnwell fits perfectly into the O-RAN ALLIANCE as a turn-key partner of the mobile communications area. Using our bundled expertise, we focus on the entire subject of radio access networks in the O-RAN ALLIANCE – being specialized in supporting system integrators and system manufacturers. Through cooperations and partnerships with experts from O-RAN ALLIANCE, we will additionally promote and push the project in the coming years.

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